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Minister of the Environment

photo:Nobuteru ISHIHARA


Minister of the Environment, Japan

Date of Birth
19 April 1957
Birth Place
Tokyo, Japan
Political Party
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

Member of the House of Representatives

1981BA in Faculty of Literature, Keio University
1981 Political Reporter, Nippon Television Network Corporation
1990 Elected to the House of Representatives (HR)
1993 Reelected to the HR
Director, Committee on Finance (HR)
1994 Director, Treasury and Finance Division (LDP)
Director, Special Committee on Consumer Affairs (HR)
1996 Reelected to the HR
Parliamentary Vice-Minister for International Trade and Industry
1997 Director, Committee on Commerce and Industry (HR)
1998 Director, Committee on Environment (HR)
2000 Reelected to the HR
2001 Minister of State for Administrative and Regulatory Reform, Cabinet Office
2003 Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Promotion Reelected to the HR
2004 Chairman, Research Commission on the Finance and Banking Systems (LDP)
Deputy Chairman, Research Commission on the Tax System (LDP)
2005 Reelected to the HR
Chairman, Research Commission on Highways (LDP)
Chairman, Federation of Tokyo Metropolitan Liberal Democratic Party Branches (LDP)
Chairman, Committee on Judicial Affairs (HR)
2006 Acting Secretary-General (LDP)
Chairman, Headquarters for Party Reform Implementation (LDP)
Director, Committee on Discipline (HR)
2007 Chairman, Research Commission (LDP)
2008 General Council (LDP)
Committee on Fundamental National Policies (HR)
Committee on Audit and Oversight of Administration (HR)
2009 Acting Secretary-General (LDP)
Reelected to the HR
2010 Secretary-General (LDP)
Chairman, Federation of Tokyo Metropolitan LDP Branches
2012 Reelected to the HR
Minister of the Environment (The Abe Cabinet)
Minister of state for the Corporation in Nuclear Emergency Preparedness
Exercise makes the impossible possible
The first rank of Small Craft, Third dan of Shorinji kempo

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