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Japan-Vietnam Environmental Policy Dialogue

In December 2013, Japan concluded the "Memorandum of Cooperation between Ministry of the Environment, Japan and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Environmental Cooperation" with Vietnam. Based on this Agreement, the 1st and the 2nd Japan-Vietnam Environmental Policy Dialogues were held in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Year Venue Outline
1st Dialogue
Hanoi Shared policies on climate change, including Vietnamís progress of the JCM and exchanged opinions on effective implementation of the Environmental Protection Act which was revised in June 2014. Shared Japanís experiences of waste management and exchanged various opinions how to solve the environmental issues of Vietnam.
2nd Dialogue
Tokyo Confirmed the progress of bilateral cooperation between Japan and Vietnam, exchanged opinions in a wide range of areas such as Green Growth Strategy (GGS) and Low Carbon Society, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Waste Water Management, Management of Chemical Substances, and Solid Waste Management and 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), and agreed to promote further environmental cooperation.
3rd Dialogue
Hanoi The two countries reviewed cooperative activities over the past three years, and shared outcomes and challenges. In addition, both countries agreed to further promote environmental cooperation for Viet Nam's environmental improvement and climate change measures as utilizing their experience.
4th Dilaogue (2018) Tokyo The dialogue confirmed the progress of environmental cooperation between Japan and Viet Nam through an overall review of past cooperative activities. The two countries also had more detailed discussions on climate change, solid waste management, wastewater management, management of chemical substances, and the revision of the Laws on Environment Protection of Viet Nam. They agreed to further promote environmental cooperation through discussions on the direction of cooperation towards 2019 and major areas of collaboration.
5th Dilaogue (2019) Hanoi Japan and Vietnam reviewed and confirmed the progress of bilateral cooperation since 4th Policy Dialogue, such as Financing Program for JCM (Joint-Credit Mechanism) Model Projects, amendment of Environmental Protection Law in Vietnam, and capacity development program for Pollution Control Managers System. Two countries also agreed upon the overall direction of further corporation which included waste management, wastewater management and climate change measures. Specifically, on waste management and 3Rs, both countries welcomed establishment of a Joint Committee on Waste Management and 3Rs, and agreed on the direction of cooperation on marine litter in ASEAN region including monitoring and establishment of knowledge hub, following the outcomes of asean summit meeting. On wastewater management, the result of a feasibility study for installation of Jokaso in Viet Nam was shared, and promotion of wastewater management in Vietnamese rivers was agreed. On climate change, continuation/further enhancement of JCM, Partnership to Strengthen Transparency for Co-innovation (PaSTI), and development National Adaptation Plan of Viet Nam through impact assessment and adaptation planning were among the agreed cooperation.