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Automobile, Environment,Technology 2005
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The International Conference on Environment and Transport in AICHI
Regional Forum in Asia  Program
 Monday, August 1
Opening Remarks
    ONOGAWA Kazunobu, Director, UNCRD
KOBAYASHI Hikaru, Director-General, Environment Management Bureau,
Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOE, Japan)
Nagoya City Government Representative
    Keynote Addresses
      Noulinh SINBHANDIT, Vice President of Science, Technology and Environment
Agency (STEA)/Prime Ministers Office of Lao PDR
LOH Ah Tuan, Chairman, ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable
Cities (AWGESC)*
Introducing UNCRD's Initiative on EST and the Objectives of the Regional EST Forum
    Chair : ONOGAWA Kazunobu, Director, UNCRD
Presenter :  Choudhury Rudra Charan MOHANTY, Environment Programme Coordinator, UNCRD
EST Thematic Sessions
      Chair : LOH Ah Tuan, Chairman, AWGESC*
Session 1 : Land use planning (25min.)
Session   2 :   Public transport planning and transport demand management
(TDM) (25min.)
Session   3 :   Non-motorized transport (NMT) and bus rapid transit (BRT) (25min.)
Session   4 :   Environment and people friendly urban transport infrastructures (25min.)
 Tuesday, August 2
EST Thematic Sessions (continued from Day 1)
Chair :  YUE Ruisheng, Deputy Director-General, International Co-operation Dept., State Environmental Protection Administration, China*
Session 5 : Public Health (20min.)
Session   6 :   Transport sociology and gender perspective (25min.)
Session   7 :   Road side air quality monitoring and assessment (25min.)
Session   8 :   Cleaner fuel (25min.)
Session   9 :   Vehicle emission control and inspection and maintenance (I/M) (25min.)
Session   10 :   Road safety and maintenance (25min.)
Session   11 :   Traffic noise management (15min.)
Session   12 :   Strengthening knowledge base, public education, and awareness (20min.)
Country Presentations
* 20 minutes Presentation, 10 minutes Q&A
Chair :  Noulinh SINBHANDIT, Vice President of Science, Technology and Environment Agency (STEA)/Prime Ministers Office of Lao PDR
For Cambodia
  LONH Heal, Director-General, Technical Directorate-General, Ministry of the Environment
VONG Pisith, Deputy Director-General, General Directorate of Public Works,
Ministry of Public Works & Transport
For Laos
  Soutaka VICHIT, Director General, Department of Environment / Science, Technology and Environment Agency
Lattanamany KHOOUNNYVONG, Director General, Department of Transport, Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post & Construction
For Viet Nam
  TRUONG Manh Tien, Director General, Department of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
NGUYEN Van Nhan, Director General, Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Transport
Terms of Reference for EST Forum Members
    Chair : KOBAYASHI Hikaru, Director-General, MOE, Japan
Presenter : SHIMIZU Ken, UNCRD
Networking/Linking with Other Regional/International Initiatives
    Chair : Charles M. MELHUISH, Lead Transport Sector Specialist, ADB
Adoption of the Aichi Statement on the Formal Launching of the
Regional EST Forum
Chair :  Dr. MOK Mareth, Senior Minister and Minister of the Environment, Cambodia
Co-chairs :  Noulinh SINBHANDIT, Vice President of STEA/ Prime Ministers Office of Lao PDR
    Facilitator : ONOGAWA Kazunobu, Director, UNCRD
Brief Summary of Discussions, Future Follow-up Activities and Closing Remarks
    Chair : KOBAYASHI Hikaru, Director-General, MOE, Japan
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