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The International Conference on Environment and Transport in AICHI
Chairperson, the Committee of the International Conference on Environment and Transport in AICHI TOYODA Shoichiro
TOYODA Shoichiro
 Chairperson, the Committee of The International Conference on Environment and Transport in AICHI
  We, living in the 21st century, have the responsibility to maintain a balance between environmental conservationand economic growth by utilizing the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, and to hand over theone precious earth to the next generation. It is necessary to realize an environmentally sustainable transportsystem, in harmony with social equality and economic growth, by reducing environmental impacts caused byaffluent lifestyles, and through the use of the latest environmental technology and social systems. In this regard,it is increasingly important to discuss the topic of sustainable environment and transport from a wider, globalperspective.
  "The International Conference on Environment and Transport in AICHI" will be held this August in conjunctionwith EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN and will consist of three programs; "Regional EST Forum in Asia", "Automobile,Environment, Technology 2005" and "Symposium on Environment and Transport". This conference willprovide an ideal opportunity to facilitate productive discussions and to promote the exchange of technologies andinformation from various angles for the realization of sustainable transport and environment, among a wide rangeof participants, including stakeholders on environment and transport from Asian countries and internationalorganizations, local governments, industry, researchers, NGOs, and general participants.
  We very much look forward to your active participation.
Governor of Aichi Prefecture KANDA Masaaki
KANDA Masaaki
 Governor, Aichi Prefecture
  I sincerely welcome the timely convening of "The International Conference on Environment and Transport inAICHI" during EXPO 2005 AICHI, which features the environment as its main theme.
  While Aichi Prefecture boasts a large accumulation of automobile industries and a wide variety of informationand technology related to transportation, traffic-induced environmental problems have also become an issue.Therefore, we were one of the first in the country to tackle these issues by developing the "Aichi Traffic PollutionControl Strategy for the New Century" in October 2002, and we are actively promoting a number of environmentaltransport policies. Considering the above, I am confident that Aichi is the most suitable location to hold thisconference.
  Central Japan International Airport opened in February 2005. As a representative of the citizens of AichiPrefecture, I sincerely look forward to your participation in the conference as well as your visit to our new airport.
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