Proposed Text for Appendix B, Part Two of the Chairman's Note: Reporting and Verification

Submission by Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the United States

31 January, 2000

Reporting by Parties

  1. Each Party involved in a project under Article 6 shall report information on the project.

  2. (Reporting format).

  3. The reporting by Parties on Article 6 projects will include, for each project:

    (a)the baseline as agreed between the Parties involved;
    (b)the calculation of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by sources or the enhancement of removals by sinks for the year;
    (c)transfers and acquisitions of emission reduction units during the year, including for each unit, the serial number and the Party's registry to which it was transferred or from which it was acquired; and
    (d)any emission reduction units (identified by serial number) that have been retired that year.
  1. A Party participating in an Article 6 project may develop its own internal mechanisms for verifying a reduction in emissions by sources or an enhancement of removals by sinks.

  2. The information submitted on Article 6 projects by Parties to the Secretariat under Article 6/7 shall be reviewed in accordance with Article 6/8.

  3. A review process will be established under Article 6/8 to review Article 6 projects and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by sources and/or enhancement of removals by sinks from such projects.