Towada-Hachimantai National Park (Hachimantai area)

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Goshogake (Onuma) Campground

Facility landscape

At the foot of Hachimantai, a quiet campground surrounded by beech forests

It is the quiet campground surrounded by beech forest along the Hachimantai Aspite Line. There are free site, auto campsite with AC power, and also the sites that you can make bonfires.

Around the area, there are several hot springs that can take a day trip, including the steam hot springs and Goshogake hot springs.

It is also the best base for climbing to Mt. Hachimantai and Mt. Yakeyama.


Business hours 9:00-19:00
Usage charges
Closed November-May
Supported foreign language
Postal Address 1 Hachimantai Onuma, Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture
Tel 0186-31-2662
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Inside of campground

Inside of campground

Campground management building

Campground management building

Goshogake (Onuma) Campground
  • Approx. 35 min. from Kazuno-Hachimantai IC