Towada-Hachimantai National Park (Hachimantai area)

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Takinoue-Onsen Ryukyo-so

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After going through the tunnel in the Kakkonda Valley, there is Torigoe Waterfall, in the nostalgic quietness of nature like a time slip.

Built in 1952, Ryukyo-so is a great secret hot spring. The flowing hot spring of 100% natural is from the origin of hot water in Takinoue-Onsen. The autumn leaves are particularly wonderful, and you can see the landscape of Japanese beech's wild forest and volcanoes.

* The building is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2018.


Check-in 14:00
Check-out 10:00
One-day bath service 500 yen
Business Hours 8:00~18:00
Properties in its waters Simple alkaline spring
Closed November 7 to April 30
Supported foreign language English
Postal address National Forest, Nishine Takakurayama, Shizukuishi Town, Iwate Prefecture
Tel 019-693-1144
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Communication with a rich nature

Communication with a rich nature

There is Oze in the dormant volcano of the Aspitroide type located in the middle of Hachimantai and Akita Komagatake called Mt. Mitsuishi, Mt. Nyuto or Mt. Eboshidake that overlooks Mt. Eboshi, Majestic Mt. Iwate and Akita Komagatake Volcano.

The longitudinal runway which continues to the southeast of Senshogahara, is said to be comparable to Oze, and continues to Mt. Koshiromori and Mt. Oshiromori that is a base for climbing and trekking which will be the entrance and exit to the mountains where you can enjoy the true mountain. You can feel with the rich nature of Japan.

The time at unexplored area

The time at unexplored area

On the backside of rugged mountain surface that continues to the Japanese beech forest, there is the secret hot spring where you can see Torigoe, the sightseeing spot in Kakkonda valley. It is a secret place where only the light of the star can be seen on clear nights. It is apart from a modern life, and is the unknown spot that you can forget the time.

Hot spring of the unexplored area as a grace of the earth

Hot spring of the unexplored area as a grace of the earth

The fumarolic activity, which is the breeze of the earth blowing out of the rocks of Torigoe Falls, brings out abundant hot spring water from the basement and is exactly the power spot of energy. In addition, the hot spring with no additional water is a power spot of life that comfortably heals the tiredness after trekking, and fosters vitality.

Takinoue-Onsen Ryukyo-so
  • 40 min. by car from Shizukuishi Station of JR Tazawako Line, JR Tohoku Shinkansen
  • Approx. 40 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Morioka IC
  • There is no direct bus service, so use your own car or rent a car.