Towada-Hachimantai National Park (Hachimantai area)

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Mt. Iwate, Hachimantai, AppiKogen 50 km Trail

Model Course Scenery

The “definitive” long trail with full of mountain pleasures such as flowers, views, ridgeline-walking, marshlands, and hot springs.

The mountain range trail spanning a total of 50 km from Mt. Iwate to Hachimantai and Appikogen. All these areas belong to the Ou Mountains, which runs north and south through the border between Iwate and Akita Prefectures. Aligning from Mt. Hachimantai (1,500 m high) to Mt. Iwate (2,038 m high, the highest peak in the Ou Mountains), both being Japan’s 100 top mountains; this is one of Japan’s leading trails blessed with great nature with surrounding primeval forests.

Climbers will be sure to see magnificent view of mountains and colorful alpine plants. At some starting points there are lodging facilities available for you to use as your base for climbing. In selecting either long or short courses, various combinations can be selected according to your physical strength and experiences.

as the shelter hut is unmanned, please bring foods with you. There are no tent sites on the course.

Mt. Iwate, Hachimantai, AppiKogen 50 km Trail

Course Time

Section Time
Appikogen Gondola Mountaintop → Ryoun-so 5 hrs 25 min.
Ryoun-so → Mitsuishi-sanso 8 hrs 50 min.
Mitsuishi-sanso → Shelter hut at the eighth stage of Mt. Iwate 6 hrs 35 min.
Shelter hut at the eighth stage of Mt. Iwate → Yakehashiri Trailhead 4 hrs 35 min.

* The course time and distance are shown just as a guide.


Section Transportation Time
To AppiKogen Cars 20 min. from Ashiro IC
To Yakehashiri Trailhead Cars

* For details, please check with the information counter or website of each transportation facility, or others.

Mt. Iwate, Hachimantai, AppiKogen 50 km Trail

On the mountain trail where mild ridgeline continues just like Tohoku region, you can walk while enjoying the view of numerous famous mountains including Mt. Chokai, Hakkoda Mountains, Mt. Iwaki, Mt. Moriyoshi and Mt. Hayachine.

Mt. Iwate, Hachimantai, AppiKogen 50 km Trail

Ura-Iwate Traverse is the promenade above the clouds. Just walking on the mountain trail with the trees of Marie’s fir and Erman's birch, you can enjoy also the seasonal flowers such as Hakusan-shakunage Rhododendron and Japanese Gentia.

Mt. Iwate, Hachimantai, AppiKogen 50 km Trail

Mt. Mitsuishi on the trail is characterized by the marshland like a miniature garden and the bare rock on the top said to have been the source of the name of Mitsuishi. Within a 5 minutes’ walk from Mitsuishi-sanso (shelter hut), there is a water place. But care should be taken as it may dry up at times.