The Expedition
Japan National Parks represent far more than the nature and scenery that initially lure travelers and outdoor-types.
While the power and serenity of Japan's unrivaled natural resources and landscapes may charm the senses, upon closer examination,
the more inquisitive traveler is likely to discover a world that embodies a dense and inseparable relationship between the land,
seasons, culture – and most importantly – the local people, for whom lifestyle, culture, and legends all coexist as part of the majesty.

For the Japan Nati onal Park Expedition, a diverse team of local and international travel professionals and project
designers delve deep into the roots, stories, and resources interwoven throughout Japan's National Parks,
uncovering the unique allure and untapped potential across some of Japan's most breathtaking locales.

The Japan National Park Expedition is set to embark on a journey. A timeless adventure awaits.

Japan National Park Expedition Movie

Featured Areas

Kyushu Model Tour[Read report]
Nikko Model Tour[Read report]

Expedition Itinerary

  • STEP.1


    A select team of local professionals, international travel experts, and project designers thoroughly navigate select National Parks and their surrounding areas, interpreting and seeking to communicate the unique appeal inherent in some of Japan's most impressive natural surroundings.
  • Expedition Itinerary
  • STEP.2

    Trial Expedition

    A series of Trial Expeditions spanning the target regions designed specifically around the group's discoveries, offering an entirely new travel experience to a select group of international travelers that incorporates the places, stories, and people, embodying the nature and locality unique to Japan National Parks.
  • Expedition Itinerary
  • STEP.3

    Action Plan Development

    Based on the thorough exploration of the selected areas, as well as feedback from participants in the Trial Expedition, the project team will organize their efforts to create an Action Plan that will empower local and international players working with and within Japan National Parks to be able to offer memorable, once-in-a-lifetime National Park experiences to curious travelers from across the globe.
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