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Activities described in the section below are prohibited in Antarctica based on Section 1, Article 4 of Law Relating to Protection of the Environment in Antarctica.
Basic Considerations

Basic Considerations for Protection of the Antarctic Environment (Japanese)

Capturing, disturbing, feeding, touching, and surprising
of the Antarctic wildlife including penguins and seals.
Maintain a distance of at least 5m from penguins and other Antarctic birds, and 15m from seals.
Collecting eggs of the Antarctic birds
Trampling on the moss
  Introducing of non-native plants and animals such as dogs, cats, birds and house plants
Introduction of dogs for sledding is prohibited at present in order to prevent the Antarctic animals from infection.
  Littering of any kind
Outdoor incineration of litter is prohibited. Please return to your ship for excretion.
  Entering the Antarctic Specially Protected Areas
  Destroying or defacing the Antarctic Historic Sites and Monuments
Specific procedure is required for capturing the Antarctic animals and entering the Antarctic Specially Protected Areas for scientific and any other purposes. Please make inquiries to Ministry of the Environment for more details.