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Towada, Oirase, HakkodaTowada-Hachimantai National Park


Mt. Hakkoda-odake Course

Mt. Hakkoda-odake Courseの写真
Hot springs Mountain Climbing
Time Required:
4 h 25 min.
8.5 km
Magnificent panoramas and alpine flora along a climbing route around the highest peak, Mt. Odake.

Course Outline

This climbing route starts from Sukayu Onsen and ascends to the highest peak of Hakkoda Mountains without use of the ropeway. The circular route, which calls for proper mountaineering gear, is a favorite of many visitors. It enables hikers to enjoy Hakkoda Mountains on a day trip of about five hours.

A high-altitude marshland and a forested zone lie at the foot of the course. From there, climbers enjoy views of alpine flora on the ridges. Most spectacular is the view from the highest peak (Mt. Odake) of Hakkoda Mountains. The pleasure of bathing in Sukayu Onsen awaits climbers who have come down from the mountain.


A Full 360° View from the Highest Peak of Hakkoda Mountains
A Full 360° View from the Highest Peak of Hakkoda Mountains

Superb view from Mt. Odake, the highest peak

Hakkoda Mountains are the group of peaks that includes Mt. Odake, Mt. Akakura, Mt. Idodake, Mt. Kodake, and Mt. Takada-odake. The highest is Mt. Odake at 1,585 m. A 360° view awaits you at the summit. You can take in the southern Hakkoda Mountain Range, Lake Towada, and the mountains of the Tohoku region to the south, as well as Mt. Iwaki to the northwest. To the north is a view of the lands from the Shimokitahanto Peninsula to the Tsugaru Strait and Hokkaido.

The Mountains of Hakkoda
The Mountains of Hakkoda

A range of volcanoes with many marshlands

The mountains of Hakkoda were formed from eruptions about 160,000 years ago. Volcanic activity continues in the area, which has caldera lakes formed from volcanic craters. Although only around 1,500 m in height, the peaks have a low tree line due to the high latitude. The region is adorned with an abundance of alpine flora.

Sukayu Onsen Surroundings
Sukayu Onsen Surroundings

Japan's first Hot Spring Health Resort

Known throughout Japan, Sukayu Onsen welcomes you all year long. Snow depths exceeding 5 m make it one of Japan's most heavily snowed areas. You can enjoy bathing in the springs on their return trip.

Course Map

Mt. Hakkoda-odake Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Sukayu Onsen
80 min.
2.9 km
Sennintai Marshland
55 min.
1 km
Mt. Odake
20 min.
0.5 km
Mt. Odake Shelter Hut
30 min.
1.1 km
Kami-Kenashitai Marshland
35 min.
1 km
Shimo-Kenashitai Marshland
45 min.
2 km
Sukayu Onsen
*Course time and distance are estimates.