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Towada, Oirase, HakkodaTowada-Hachimantai National Park


Hakkoda Ropeway Course

Hakkoda Ropeway Courseの写真
hiking Ropeway
Time Required:
2 h 30 min.
7.7 km
Quick access to the heights of Hakkoda, where marshlands and flowering alpine plants await.

Course Outline

Riding the Hakkoda Ropeway to quickly ascend the mountain ridge, you will discover a majestic, open-sky landscape of alpine flora and marshlands. New greenery and beautiful flowers from spring to summer, colorful foliage in autumn, and hoarfrost-covered trees in winter are there to enjoy throughout the four seasons. The “Sunset Ropeway” ride, offered every year only in mid-August, makes for a romantic experience. From the ropeway station on the peak, you can enjoy casual hiking for beginners, serious climbing, and a variety of other courses.


The View from the Hakkoda Ropeway
The View from the Hakkoda Ropeway

An aerial trip takes about 10 minutes one-way

The Hakkoda Ropeway operates year-round (closed during strong wind). It rises quickly to a 1,300 m-high ridge. The views from the ropeway car windows include the spectacle of frosted trees in winter, mountainsides bedecked in colorful foliage in autumn, and green mountain views in summer. In winter, enthusiasts can enjoy backcountry skiing over several routes from the mountain peak.

Hiking under the Open Sky
Hiking under the Open Sky

Colorful red and yellow grasses a step ahead

Upon alighting from the ropeway station on the peak, you will see a gourd-shaped footpath known as the Hakkoda Gourd Line. A 30-minute course and a 60-minute course wind through the marshes.

Kenashitai Marshland Climbing
Kenashitai Marshland Climbing

Tamoyachi Marshland on the Hakkoda Gourd Line

Kenashi Paradise Line is a mostly downhill climbing course that starts from Tamoyachi Marshland at the end of the Hakkoda Gourd Line and passes through the Kenashitai Marshland. It is particularly magnificent when the fall foliage appears. Although it is a course designed for beginners, climbing shoes and other proper gear are recommended.

Course Map

Hakkoda Ropeway Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Sanroku Station (Hakkoda Ropeway)
10 min.
2.4 km
Sancho Koen Station
30 min.
1.3 km
Fork of Miyasama Course
30 min.
1 km
Kami-Kenashitai Marshland
35 min.
1 km
Shimo-Kenashitai Marshland
45 min.
2 km
Sukayu Onsen
*Course time and distance are estimates.