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Tashirotai Marshland Course

Tashirotai Marshland Courseの写真
hiking drive
Time Required:
3 h 38 min.
88.2 km
Starting from the city of Aomori, experience grand landscapes and the wilderness of Hakkoda.

Course Outline

Prefectural Route 40 runs along the northern foot of Hakkoda Mountains, and National Route 103 runs along the southern foot (closed in winter). These routes offer delightful views of Hakkoda Mountain's grandeur and the wetlands and marshes that dot the area.

The largest is Tashirotai Marshland on the northern foot of the mountain, where you can walk along a wooden path. From the observation deck at Suirennuma Pond on the southern foot, you will be entranced by the sight of mountain peaks reflected in the water. Located along National Route 103 are Sarukura Onsen and secluded Yachi Onsen. These are ideal facilities for spending a leisurely time.


Tea Houses and Views of Hakkoda
Tea Houses and Views of Hakkoda

The magnificent scenery of Hakkoda

Against the backdrop of Hakkoda Mountains, Rhododendoron obtusm var. kaempferi fill the highlands with color in early summer. Alpine flowers are seen in midsummer, and Japanese pampas grass and Japanese ivy appear in autumn. Along the route are the Tea House Matabeinochaya and the Tea House Tashirokogenchaya, along with the Rest House Hokiba, where you can enjoy famous soba with mountain vegetables and mushrooms, and ginger miso oden. The footbath at Matabeinochaya is recommended as a place to stretch out and warm your feet.

Plants of the Tashirotai Marshland
Plants of the Tashirotai Marshland

Eriophorum vaginatum, appearing in early summer

The Tashirotai Marshland is a typical high-altitude marshland found in northern regions. It is covered in Eriophorum vaginatum, Japanese myrica gale, sphagnum moss, and other plants, which hide a layer of peat as thick as 5 m. It has taken tens of thousands of years for the peat to accumulate in this marshland, the oldest at Hakkoda Mountains.

Gudarinuma Pond
Gudarinuma Pond

A clear stream where melted snow water flows from Hakkoda

East of the Tashiro Plateau and a bit below Tashirotai Pasture in Hokibatai is Gudarinuma Pond. Contrary to the image from its name called a pond, 200,000 tons per day of cool, clear water flow from a spring to create one of Japan’s clearest streams, in which Ranunculus nipponicus var. submerses and other water plants thrive.

Course Map

Tashirotai Marshland Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Shin-Aomori Station
59 min.
31 km
Tashirotai Marshland Wooden Walkway Entrance (walk)
60 min.
2 km
Tashirotai Marshland Wooden Walkway Entrance
11 min.
6 km
Tea Houses
2 min.
1.4 km
Gudarinuma Pond
11 min.
7 km
12 min.
4.1 km
Suirennuma Pond
7 min.
4.7 km
56 min.
32 km
Shin-Aomori Station
*Course time and distance are estimates.