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Towada-jinja Shrine Area Trail Course

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Time Required:
55 min.
2.6 km
Experience the serenity of Towada-jinja Shrine at Yasumiya Yasumitai on the shore of Lake Towada.

Course Outline

Towada-jinja Shrine is a 5-minute walk from the center of Yasumiya Yasumitai. Traditionally, along with Mt. Osore, it is one of two sacred places on the Shimokita Peninsula. The Shrine consecrates the incarnation of the Mt. Towada Azure Dragon. Even today is imbued with a mystic sense as if the breath of the dragon spirit can be felt. On the lakeside near the shrine stands the Statue of Maidens by Kotaro Takamura, a famed poet and sculptor in the early Showa Era (around 1940-1950). After a leisurely stroll on the grass and viewing the lake at Yasumiya Yasumitai, you can remove your travel fatigue at a day use hot spring bath.


Towada-jinja Shrine
Towada-jinja Shrine

The worship hall of Towada-jinja Shrine

Towada-jinja Shrine is located at the foot of the Nakayama Peninsula. Surrounded by thick woods, it is regarded as the home of a water spirit and a site for religious training. Legend has it that a battle took place here between an ascetic monk Nansobo, and the dragon Hachiro Taro who lived in the lake. It is recommended that you try your luck sinking a paper called "oyori-gami" (fortune-telling activity. If paper sinks, wishes come true.) into the lake.

Lakeside Scenery & The Statue of Maidens
Lakeside Scenery & The Statue of Maidens

“The Statue of Maidens,” the final work by Kotaro Takamura

A popular walking course along the lake at Yasumiya Yasumitai takes you to a bronze sculpture called the Statue of Maidens. A ride on a rowboat, a tour boat, or a motor boat offers different scenic views of the exquisite lake.

Towada Visitor Center
Towada Visitor Center

Building made from wood grown in Aomori Prefecture

The Towada Visitor Center provides information on how to best enjoy the national park. Feel free to ask any of the staff. The display in the Center explains the local geology, plants, and animals in an easy to understand manner. The Center also offers nature experience programs and rental service for snowshoes and cross-country skis.

Course Map

Towada-jinja Shrine Area Trail Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Towadako Bus Station
12 min.
0.7 km
Towada-jinja Shrine
4 min.
0.3 km
The Statue of Maidens
35 min.
1.2 km
Katsuragahama Beach
2 min.
0.2 km
Towada Visitor Center
2 min.
0.2 km
Towadako Bus Station
*Course time and distance are estimates.