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Towada, Oirase, HakkodaTowada-Hachimantai National Park


Lake Towada Sightseeing Cruise and Oirase-Keiryu (Oirase stream) Course

Lake Towada Sightseeing Cruise and Oirase-Keiryu (Oirase stream) Courseの写真
hiking Boat
Time Required:
4 h 15 min.
24 km
Enjoy a boat cruise on tranquil Lake Towada and a walk through Oirase.

Course Outline

Yasumiya Yasumitai is a main tourist spot of Lake Towada from which sightseeing cruise to wand Nenokuchi, the source of the Oirase stream. From the boat, you can see the primeval forest-clad inner wall of the double caldera, as well as Nakayama Peninsula and Ogura Peninsula.

After disembarking at Nenokuchi, head for Ishigedo, which is halfway point of Oirase stream. The 8.8-km hike takes about 3 hours. Along the way, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Oirase stream, numerous waterfalls, and the animals and insects in the deep forest.


The View From a Sightseeing Boat
The View From a Sightseeing Boat

A leisurely boat ride takes about one hour

Formed in a volcanic eruption about 200,000 years ago, Lake Towada is about 327 m deep. The entire lake and the Lake Nakanoumi are both volcanic craters. The double caldera creates a complex topography and a landscape rich in changes. The inner lake is bounded by the Nakayama Peninsula and Ogura Peninsula. The inner caldera gives one a true sense of how the lake was formed from the two craters.

Numerous Waterfalls
Numerous Waterfalls

The beautiful Choshi-otaki Waterfall

The walk from Nenokuchi to the Oirase stream gives you spectacular views of the stream, which meanders down a gentle incline, then becomes a chain of rapids and beautiful waterfalls, including Choshi-otaki Waterfall. One spot along the course is famous as "Four Waterfalls in One View." Here you see four waterfalls at once: Furou no Taki Waterfall, Shiraito no Taki Waterfall, Shiraginu no Taki Waterfall, and Tomoshiraga no Taki Waterfall.


Stone slab appears to make up a stone hut

Located halfway point of the Oirase stream, there is a rest house which introduces the nature of Oirase. A parking lot, restrooms, and rental bikes are available. Ishigedo (rock door) takes its name from a slab of rock that leans against a nearby Japanese Judas tree.

Course Map

Lake Towada Sightseeing Cruise and Oirase-Keiryu (Oirase stream) Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Yasumiya, Towada Lake Excursion Boat
60 min.
15 km
30 min.
1.5 km
Choshi-otaki Waterfall
30 min.
1.2 km
Four Waterfalls in One View
75 min.
3.5 km
Kumoi no Taki Waterfall
60 min.
2.8 km
*Course time and distance are estimates.