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Towada, Oirase, HakkodaTowada-Hachimantai National Park


Camp Site Utarube Campground

Utarube Campground
A campground where you’ll fully experience the attractions of Lake Towada and the National Park.

Utarube Campground is located by the side of Lake Towada, in Towada-Hachimantai National Park. Facing the lakeside, the site is enveloped by a broad-leaved forest of maple and Japanese beech. The trees are left untouched in their natural state to the fullest extent possible.

The shining azure waters of the lake, the bright, clear, skies, and the soft light streaming through mountain groves are all part of the natural beauty. Visitors to the lakeside areas enjoy the serenity and the deep, fresh green of summer and the brightly hued foliage of autumn.

Facility Outline

Accommodation:Free tent sites, auto camping sites (10 sites), cottages (7, with modular baths, toilets, kitchens, and bedding)
Common-use Facilities:Cooking buildings (3), coin-operated showers (men's and women's, 2 each), coin-operated laundry
Open:July 1 – October 31
Closed:No closings during the operating period * The site may temporarily close due to weather conditions, etc.
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Foreign Languages Accommodated:English
Address:Utarube Kokuyurin, Towadakohan, Okuse, Towada City, Aomori Prefecture
Tel:0176-75-2477 (Operating season period), 0176-70-5977 (Off-season period)
The closest campground to the Oirase stream
The closest campground to the Oirase stream
Camping on the lakeside, among autumn foliage
Camping on the lakeside, among autumn foliage
Message from the Facility

The greatest attraction of this site is the chance it affords to enjoy camping among untouched nature inside a national forest. The summer season, with its beautiful greenery, is of course recommended. However, the campground in autumn, wreathed in gradations of reds, yellows, and greens, makes yet another impression.

The location is also a perfect base for sightseeing around Lake Towada and the Oirase stream. We look forward to your visit.