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Towada, Oirase, HakkodaTowada-Hachimantai National Park



Enjoy the flavors of Aomori to enhance a relaxing time by the shore of Lake Towada.

Set amid the seasonal colors of the national park at Lake Towada, Kosikinoyado Benkei is an inn serving meals rich in local ingredients.

The inn is favorably located, only five minutes on foot from Towada-jinja Shrine and the Statue of Maidens.

After enjoying the attractions of Lake Towada, visit the inn to enjoy regional fisherman's dishes made with ingredients caught from our fishing boat, Benkei Maru No. 51. We await your visit and a chance to serve you freshly prepared seasonal flavors of Aomori.

Facility Outline

Closed:From mid-November through mid-April (closed during winter)
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Day Tickets for Bathing Facilities:Available 11:00 - 15:00 (with meal)
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None *We accept E-mail inquiries.
Address:Towakohan Yasumiya 486, Okuse, Towada City, Aomori Prefecture
Entrance area
Entrance area
Japanese room
Japanese room
Message from the Facility
Lake Towada, a national park clothed in the colors of the seasons, is a location where nature can be fully enjoyed. Near the inn is the Oirase River, which flows from Lake Towada over rocks and through a forest, forming waterfalls and rapids. The stream flows about 14 km from Nenokuchi at lakeside to Yakeyama. Relax at our inn, while taking in the beautiful seasons and abundant nature of Lake Towada and the Oirase stream.