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Myoko-TogakushiMyoko-Togakushi renzan National Park


Lake Reisenji “View of Hokushin Gogaku” Course

Lake Reisenji “View of Hokushin Gogaku” Courseの写真
Time Required:
1 h 30 min.
45.5 km
Experience a village lifestyle entwined with the Hokushin Gogaku (five mountains of Northern Shinshu) and the countryside.

Course Outline

This landscape, woven from the mountains of Hokushin Gogaku and the surrounding countryside, is truly a primal scene for the Japanese spirit. While you bask in the dynamism of lively terrain and the lifestyle of the people, take a drive through the grand “Hitome-Gozan (View of Five Mountains)” scenery that symbolizes this park.

On the Hokushin Gogaku Road, gaze out at the five far-off peaks standing in a line, and drive through a landscape of community-based forest areas where fields spread out. In the Tankakyo peach blossom fields in the spring, a carpet of peach-colored orchards and the five peaks make for a stunningly beautiful contrast. Lake Reisenji along the way is also watched over by the mountains. You can spend time as leisurely as you like at the athletic field and dog run. Take away your fatigue at Mure Onsen Tengu-no-Yakata (hot spring facility) and enjoy the views of the five peaks that change with every angle as you drive the route back through the countryside. In summer or autumn, pick up some peaches, apples, or other seasonal delights of Iizuna Town as souvenirs of your trip at roadside produce stands along the way.


“Hitome-Gozan (View of Five Mountains)” seen across the Tankakyo orchard
“Hitome-Gozan (View of Five Mountains)” seen across the Tankakyo orchard

The peach blossoms of Tankakyo and Mt. Iizuna (April – May)

Cultivation of apples, peaches, cherries, and other fruit thrives in Iizuna Town. In spring when the flowers begin to bloom, the landscape viewed from Tankakyo (peach blossom fields), at the end of a narrow farming road, reveals the beauty of a paradise on earth. The carpet of peach-colored fruit trees and the mountains of Hokushin Gogaku present a beauty that will make you forget the bustle of the everyday. The fruit of the trees, fresh and full of sweetness, can be purchased at roadside produce stands in summer and autumn.

Mure Mizubasho Garden
Mure Mizubasho Garden

Take a walk among flowers and new greenery (April – May)

Here, 400,000 pure white mizubasho (Asian skunk cabbages) and 100,000 Caltha palustris var. nipponica put on a gorgeous performance. The best viewing time is between mid-April and mid-May. Next to the parking lot is a wooden path that circles back in an easy 30-minute stroll. From the slopes of the Iizuna Resort immediately adjacent, you can even see Mt. Fuji if the weather is good!

“Hitome-Gozan (View of Five Mountains)” seen across the country fields
“Hitome-Gozan (View of Five Mountains)” seen across the country fields

Golden paddy fields of rice and the Togakushi Mountain Range, Mt. Kurohime, and Mt. Myoko (September – October)

Iizuna Town boasts many farming roads that offer views of the countryside and mountains, including Hokushin Gogaku Road. The five peaks reflected in the water-filled rice paddies of spring, the green seedlings waving in the breezes of summer, the five peaks steeped in red and the fields carpeted in gold in autumn, and the soundless, pure white world of winter... It is because people make their livelihoods here that visitors can enjoy these expressions of the four seasons.

Course Map

Lake Reisenji “View of Hokushin Gogaku” Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Shinanomachi I.C. (Joshinetsu Expressway)
20 min.
11 km
Iizuna Apple Museum
10 min.
4.6 km
Iizuna Historical Museum Fureai-kan
10 min.
3 km
Tankakyo (peach blossom fields)
25 min.
12.6 km
Mure Onsen Tengu-no-Yakata
5 min.
2.3 km
Mure Mizubasho Garden
20 min.
12 km
Shinanomachi I.C. (Joshinetsu Expressway)
*Course time and distance are estimates.