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Kurohime Kogen “Healing Forest and Flower Garden” Course

Kurohime Kogen “Healing Forest and Flower Garden” Courseの写真
Time Required:
2 h 1 min.
5 km
Recharge yourself with the light and wind of the highlands! Enjoy the soothing effect of flowers and forests!

Course Outline

The Kurohime Kogen at the base of Mt. Kurohime looks out at three beautiful bowl-shaped mountains: Mt. Kurohime, Mt. Myoko, and Mt. Madarao. It is a European-like landscape, well suited to the blue skies above. From June to early October, one seasonal flower after another reveals its blooms. The endless view of multi-hued dahlias and cosmos feature in the seasonal characteristic of Shinano Town. The course that takes you on a relaxing airborne “stroll” by ski lift to arrive at the Bokodai Observatory above Lake Nojiri, then descends by the Fairy Tale Forest course toward Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum, offers many highlights along the way such as beautiful Ojika-ike Pond and small waterfalls. You can enjoy refreshing highland breezes in summer and foliage the color of flames in autumn. Another highlight is the three-color layer fall foliage – conifer green and autumn flames under a blanket of the winter's first snow at the summit of Mt. Kurohime. Anyone can relax and spend a blissful time here.


Bokodai Observatory
Bokodai Observatory

Bokodai Observatory – the Bell of Happiness –

At 1,030 m above sea level, Bokodai Observatory is a picturesque spot that lets you take in Shinano Town, where pastoral scenery spreads around Lake Nojiri, as well as the Madarao Kogen and its surrounding mountains, all in one view. After alighting from the lift, ring the “Bell of Happiness” immediately to the right. Its clear tone is sure to bring happiness! This is the best spot time to spread out a picnic mat and enjoy your boxed lunch amid the gentle breeze.

Fairy Tale Forest, the healing forest of Shinshu and Shinano Town
Fairy Tale Forest, the healing forest of Shinshu and Shinano Town

Why not experience woodland therapy at Fairy Tale Forest?

This forest brims with healing power deriving from the scents, the sounds of nature, and negative air ions. Even beginning hikers will enjoy the stroll as they search for guide signs that detail the varied beneficial effects of the forest. At Ojika-ike Pond, the reflection of trees in the waters produce a fantastic atmosphere. Magnolia praecocissima, Caltha palustris var. nipponica, and other flowers are a sight that draws many photographers from late April to early May.
* The road from Bokodai Observatory to Ojika-ike Pond is sloped, so wear proper hiking shoes.

Lawn Field in front of Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum
Lawn Field in front of Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum

Breathe in the highland air at Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum!

In front of Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum is a true panoramic world, where an expansive view of Mt. Kurohime and Mt. Myoko unfolds. Restroom and café are available. The road that leads to Cosmo Plaza is carefree, truly epitomizing the highland. Feel free to stroll through the expansive fields of flowers as well. Returning to Cosmo Plaza, you can enjoy souvenir shopping, soft-serve ice cream, and BBQ.

Course Map

Kurohime Kogen “Healing Forest and Flower Garden” Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Cosmo Plaza
1 min.
0.1 km
Lift Terminal, Yellow Garden (panorama lift)
8 min.
1 km
Lift Summit
2 min.
0.1 km
Bokodai Observatory
45 min.
1.7 km
Ojika-ike Pond
40 min.
1.2 km
Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum
25 min.
0.9 km
Cosmo Plaza
*Course time and distance are estimates.