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Mt. Iizuna “Revered Mountain” Course

Mt. Iizuna “Revered Mountain” Courseの写真
Mountain Climbing
Time Required:
5 h 35 min.
11 km
Mt. Iizuna, an ascetic mountain that overlooks a vast panorama, is a spiritual home for the people of Nagano.

Course Outline

Famed as hallowed ground, Mt. Iizuna has been the object of mountain peak veneration from long ago. The torii gate and guardian komainu statues at the trailhead, the 13 stone Buddhas quietly standing by the hiking trail, the shrine at the summit, and many other features offer climbers a sense of a sacred atmosphere to this day. The magnificent, 360° panoramic view from the summit is also a key attraction. Mt. Iizuna can be seen from anywhere in Nagano City, making it a symbol of home for residents. Rising 1,917 m above sea level, the famous mountain, which is included among Japan's 200 most famous mountains, is visited by many elementary school climbing outings.

After descending, gaze at Mt. Iizuna from Oyachi Marsh or Daizahoshi-ike Pond and let the lingering satisfaction of the climb sweep over you. Restaurants and hotels with hot-spring day spas surround the area and are a great way to soothe the fatigue of climbing.


The panorama from the summit of Mt. Iizuna
The panorama from the summit of Mt. Iizuna

Looking toward Zenkoji-daira from the summit of Mt. Iizuna

The panorama peers down upon Zenkoji-daira, and on a clear day even offers views as far as the Northern Alps and Mt. Fuji. At the summit of south peak is a shrine to Iizuna-gongen, the venerated god of the mountain. Iizuna-gongen is worshiped in the form of Karasutengu legendary creatures, which are enshrined in the main shrine building. In the shrine, you can see their appearance. For an authentic climbing experience, the traverse course via Mt. Meno to Mt. Reisenji is highly recommended.
* Only a booth for portable toilets is available near the mountain summit, so do not forget to bring your own plastic bag for toilet usage.

Oyachi Marsh
Oyachi Marsh

Oyachi Marsh and Caltha palustris var. nipponica (April – May)

The Oyachi Marsh, where Asian skunk cabbage, Caltha palustris var. nipponica, and Anemone flaccid bloom to foretell spring in the Iizuna Kogen, is about 5 hectares in area and takes about 30 minutes to walk around. From the established wooden path, you can cast an unimpeded gaze at Mt. Iizuna and enjoy the expressions of the four seasons. This wetland is easily accessed from the road and allows visitors to easily observe flowers and birds by the waterside.

Daizahoshi-ike Pond
Daizahoshi-ike Pond

Nordic walking at Daizahoshi-ike Pond

Said to be the footprint of the legendary giant Daidarabotchi, Daizahoshi-ike Pond is a leisure spot where families can enjoy lakeside camping, boating, and the Kotengu-no-mori Forest athletic playground. Two Nordic walking courses, 3 km and 7 km, have been opened, providing a gentle and easy walking environment. You can gaze across Daizahoshi-ike Pond to take in the view of Mt. Iizuna and its broad foothills.

Course Map

Mt. Iizuna “Revered Mountain” Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Ichinotorii-enchi Park
15 min.
1.1 km
Mt. Iizuna Southern Trailhead
140 min.
3 km
Summit of Mt. Iizuna
110 min.
3 km
Mt. Iizuna Southern Trailhead
30 min.
2.2 km
Oyachi Marsh
40 min.
1.7 km
Daizahoshi-ike Pond
*Course time and distance are estimates.