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Myoko-TogakushiMyoko-Togakushi renzan National Park

“Hitome-Gozan” and “Setsugetsuka”
The main highlight of Myoko-Togakushi renzan National Park is the spectacular combination of the mountains visible from the villages and highlands, on the one hand, and the park's marsh and pastoral landscape, on the other. Consisting of scattered groups of volcanoes, jagged protuberances, other distinctively shaped mountains that reflect the energy of the land, as well as the “Hitome-Gozan (View of Five Mountains)” (five mountains at one sight), the park’s scenery sprawls magnificently before beautiful marshes and countryside. With heavy snows, flowers in spring, birds dwell in rich forest, and more, it is a park that refreshes the spirit, fittingly described with the terms “Setsugetsuka” (snow-moon-flowers) and “Kachofugetsu” (flowers-birds-wind-moon) that symbolize the Japanese appreciation of nature.
Hitome-Gozan and Setsugetsuka
A land imbued with reverence for mountains
The local mountains have become the object of veneration due to their distinctive forms Considered symbols of the region, they have drawn people to them in every era. Home to some of Japan's heaviest snowfalls, the land has developed knowledge to coexist with beautiful yet harsh nature. The historical townscape, shrines, temples, festivals, local cuisine, traditional crafts, and legends seen and heard within the park reflect the very lifestyle of the people. Visitors to the park are therefore sure to be entranced by this lifestyle.
A land imbued with reverence for mountains
Aiming to become Japan’s premiere “schoolhouse”
The park aims to become Japan's premiere “schoolhouse” for playing and learning. Mountain climbing, nature hiking, canoeing, skiing, playing in snow, traditional crafts, ninja experiences, and more – both young or old can choose their preferred experience. Recreational activities that indulge intellectual curiosity, such as visiting the museum or taking a nature walk with a guide, are another way to enjoy the park. The park also features easy access by virtue of its proximity to the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line and an expressway.
Aiming to become Japan's premiere schoolhouse