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Myoko-TogakushiMyoko-Togakushi renzan National Park


Hot Spring Museum/Aquarium,etc. Organic Resort

Organic Resort
Overlooking the mountains of the national park, a place to play for the entire family.

Thirty minutes by car from Zenkoji Temple, the resort is located on the Iizuna-Higashi Kogen that surround Lake Reisenji. Children play happily on the athletic ground's wide lawn while parents relax before the vast panorama that encompasses the volcanoes of the national park, Mt. Iizuna, Mt. Kurohime, and Mt. Myoko. Also to be enjoyed is the luxury of a hot spring bath at Mure Onsen Tengu-no-Yakata (hot spring facility), where you can look out on a majestic view. After your bath, treat yourself again to an excellent meal featuring the local cuisine.

In spring, the Mure Mizubasho Garden is recommended for its Asian skunk cabbage and Caltha palustris var. nipponica in full bloom. The wooden path will lead you around the garden for a leisurely 30-minute walk. Make use of it to enjoy the nature of the national park.

Facility Outline

Open:Mure Mizubasho Garden is open mid-April to mid-May. The day-trip hot spring bath is open all year.
Closed:Third Tuesday of every month (the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday)
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee (Camping and activities require a fee; Mure Mizubasho Garden is free of charge)
Day Tickets for Bathing Facilities:Available 10:00 - 21:00 (Last entry: 20:30)
Water Types:Sodium, calcium, chloride, hydrogen carbonate cold mineral spring
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Address:Kawakami 2755-345, Iizuna Town, Kamiminochi County, Nagano Prefecture
The Mure Tengu-no-Yakata outdoor bath
The Mure Tengu-no-Yakata outdoor bath
Fishing for wakasagi smelt in winter
Fishing for wakasagi smelt in winter
Message from the Facility
The resort enables various activities throughout the four seasons for family and friends. You can enjoy athletics, a dog run, camping, barbecues, hot springs, and, in winter, fishing for wakasagi smelt. You'll also find the Shinshu Lake Reisenji Nordic Walking Course, the first course recognized by the Japan Nordic Fitness Association and a course offering multiple fine views of the national park mountains. Tengu-no-Yakata rents poles for Nordic walking, so give the activity a try.