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Myoko-TogakushiMyoko-Togakushi renzan National Park


Museum/Aquarium,etc. Hachiju-ni Mori-no-Manabiya ― ecology Bank82 Togakushi Forest Museum ―

Hachiju-ni Mori-no-Manabiya ― ecology Bank82 Togakushi Forest Museum ―
Full of information on the nature and life of Togakushi.

Famous throughout Japan for the wonderful opportunities if offers to view wild birds, Hachiju-ni Mori-no-Manabiya is an educational facility in Togakushi Forest Botanical Garden. It helps visitors learn more about the natural features of Togakushi area. The 120 or more species of wild birds that live in the Garden make the facility a mecca for bird watching. Visitors are also sure to enjoy seeing the forest, which rises up in a natural wetland, planted woods of Japanese larch, and the flowers of the woodland floor. The walking path, which accommodates wheelchairs, provides easy access to all. The forest becomes a setting for various activities throughout the four seasons. Spring offers the sight of the dogtooth violet and Asian skunk cabbage, and the songs of the Narcissus flycatcher and other small birds. In early summer, there is the egg-laying of the forest green tree frogs. Autumn brings flame-colored foliage and the sounds of birds pecking at nuts. And there is cross-country skiing in winter.

Facility Outline

Open:9:30 – 17:00
Closed:Mondays (or the following day if Monday coincides with a national holiday or substitute holiday)
*Closing period: December 1 to the day before the fourth Saturday of the following April
Usage Fee:Free of Charge
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Address:Togakushi 3510-35, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
Learning about the forest through dioramas and theater
Learning about the forest through dioramas and theater
Wheelchair-accessible wooden path
Wheelchair-accessible wooden path
Message from the Facility

The large multi-vision theater inside Hachiju-ni Mori-no-Manabiya is composed of three video screens showing year-round, ever-changing forest scenes. There are also video programs for children.

In addition, nature-observation events are held by the Togakushi Forest Botanical Garden Volunteer Association at Hachiju-ni Mori-no-Manabiya every Sunday, from May to October (same-day registration possible). These events provide a casual environment in which visitors can learn about the nature of Togakushi.