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Hot Spring Accommodation Akakura Kanko Hotel

Akakura Kanko Hotel
A spa and resort blessed by a cultivated tradition, beautiful views, and hot springs.

The Akakura Kanko Hotel, built in 1937 was the first of its kind as a Japanese highland resort. It was built by Kishichiro Okura, who also built the Kamikochi Imperial Hotel, the Kawana Hotel, and the Hotel Okura Tokyo. The hotel is located midway up Mt. Myoko at 1,000 m above sea level. Here you can enjoy a splendid, uninterrupted views of the area from the large hot spring bath, your room, or elsewhere inside the hotel. All guest rooms have been renovated, a new spa and outdoor bath with a continually flowing spring have been added, and in December 2016, a premium annex will open with a new restaurant and guest rooms. This is a relaxation resort evolved to offer a comfortable stay, in a historical and elegant space that has been preserved just as it was handed down.

Facility Outline

Closed:Open daily throughout the year
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Day Tickets for Bathing Facilities:None
Water Types:Hydrogen carbonate spring, sulfate spring
Foreign Languages Accommodated:English
Address:Tagiri 216, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
SPA & SUITE Aqua Terrace
SPA & SUITE Aqua Terrace
An aerial trip on the Myokokogen Sky Cable
An aerial trip on the Myokokogen Sky Cable
Message from the Facility
Akakura Kanko Hotel PRTaiki Sakurai

The Akakura Kanko Hotel is an ideal place for appreciating the charms of the Myoko Kogen's changing four seasons. A trip through the air via the hotel's Myokokogen Sky Cable is one of the attractions. You will take in a panoramic view that stretches from the far-off mountains of Shiga to Mt. Madarao and Lake Nojiri.

Take a trip to enjoy many leisure sports like golf and skiing, as well as nature that transitions from spring greenery to autumn foliage before changing to a winter landscape. Enjoy the seasonal ingredients in the cuisine from the mountains and the sea, the vast panorama visible from the cafe terrace, and other delights of the seasons.

Akakura Kanko Hotel PR
Taiki Sakurai