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Hot Spring Accommodation Otari Onsen Okunoyu Amakazariso

Otari Onsen Okunoyu Amakazariso
A secluded lodge surrounded by nature, with hot water continually flowing from its source.

Amakazariso is a quiet, single-building lodge standing further back from Otari Onsen, which is known as a secluded hot spring.

Mt. Amakazari, counted among the One Hundred Mountains of Japan, is just nearby. Many guests use the inn as a base when enjoying mountain climbing or nature walks. Enjoy the ever-changing expressions revealed by nature, from the time that buds awaken from a long winter sleep, to the season of fresh greenery as spring turns to summer, and on to bountiful autumn when the hills and fields are vividly dyed amid the clear air.

In a world removed from daily bustle, we hope you will soak in hot spring water flowing from the source, enjoy the tastes of the Shinshu region, and wipe away all tiredness from your mind and body.

Facility Outline

Closed:Irregular holidays
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Day Tickets for Bathing Facilities:Available 12:00 - 15:00
Water Types:Sodium hydrogen carbonate spring
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Address:Nakatsuchi 18926-1, Otari Village, Kitaazumi County, Nagano Prefecture
A hot spring bath continually flowing from its source spring
A hot spring bath continually flowing from its source spring
Kaiseki cuisine made with Shinshu ingredients
Kaiseki cuisine made with Shinshu ingredients
Message from the Facility

Amakazariso is a single lodge surrounded by the abundant nature of Shinshu.

The selling points of this ryokan inn include the hot spring bath where over 200 liters of water flow from its source every minute, and the kaiseki (banquet) cuisine made with plentiful ingredients from the Shinshu region. Above all, refreshing air and water await you here. The Amakazari Kogen Campsite, located about 10 minutes away by car, is a place to enjoy majestic nature while surrounded by primeval Japanese beech forests and star-studded skies.

Come visit for a one of a kind experience.

Yuu Kurashina