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KirishimaKirishima-Kinkowan National Park


Shrine Kirishima-jingu Shrine Kogushi (ancient shrine ruins)

Kirishima-jingu Shrine Kogushi (ancient shrine ruins)
The setting of Japanese myths and location of Mt. Takachiho-no-mine's trailhead.

Around 200 meters after passing through the shrine gate from the Takachihogawara parking lot, you will find a large area with stone walls. Kirishima-jingu Shrine stood at this site for approximately 290 years until 1234, but it was reconstructed at its current location after volcanic eruptions on Mt. Kirishima destroyed the shrine. A Tsukinami Festival (literally "monthly festival") is held every month on the tenth day and the Tenson Korin Kirishima Festival is conducted every year on November 10 to commemorate the descent of Amaterasu-Omikami's (the Sun Goddess) grandson. Although the Kogushi ruins are often enveloped in fog, on a sunny day, you can see the stunning volcanic formations of the Ohachi crater and Mt. Nakadake. In mid-May, the blossoms of the Rhododendron kiusianum colonies (a type of azalea) around the ruins create a fascinating scene and since the site is surrounded by an abundance of nature, you will sometimes hear wild bird calls and the cries of deer.

Facility Outline

Worship Hours:No restrictions
Usage Fee:Free of Charge
Parking:Available (requires a fee)
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Address:Kirishima Takachihogawara, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Tensonkorin Himorogi Saijo (festival site)
Tensonkorin Himorogi Saijo (festival site)
The Tenson Korin Kirishima Festival
The Tenson Korin Kirishima Festival