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KirishimaKirishima-Kinkowan National Park

Get the most out of your trip to Kirishima.

With several Shinto shrines that have a deep connection to Japanese folklore, the Kirishima area offers you a chance to encounter the ancient legends of Japan.

There are also many unique hot spring facilities that have been around since olden times. These bathhouses are the perfect place to melt away fatigue from a long day of hiking and conquering mountains.

To find information about how to fully enjoy your time in the Kirishima area, please visit the Eco-museum Center, Visitor Center, or tourist information.

Ebino Kogen Area

Takachiho-gawara Area

Kirishima Onsen Area

Miike Area

Kurinodake Area

Ikoma-Kogen Area

Shiratori Onsen Area