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KirishimaKirishima-Kinkowan National Park


Rest House Ikoma-Kogen Flower Station

Ikoma-Kogen Flower Station
A sightseeing spot where you can see seasonal flowers in full bloom.

At this popular sightseeing spot, you can watch the highland paint itself in a new color every season. The bright poppies blossom in spring and elegant rose mallows open up in summer. As the summer heat begins to subside, the blooming cosmos flowers signal that fall is soon coming to the highland.

Once you finish appreciating the kaleidescope of blossoms, stop by Hana-no-Eki Ikoma Highland. Here, you can purchase the popular cosmos tenugui hand towel, which is available exclusively at this facility. These towels features 30 types of seasonal designs and make excellent souvenirs or gifts. At the terrace café, you can also enjoy an excellent cup of coffee and a satisfyingly rich serving of soft-service ice cream while relaxing with a view of highlands and, on a fine day, a pleasant breeze from the Kirishima Mountain Range.

Facility Outline

Open:9:00 – 17:00
Closed:Open daily throughout the year
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Parking:Available (1,000 cars)
Foreign Languages Accommodated:English (English menu available in the café)
Address:Minami-nishikata 8565, Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture
250,000 poppies in bloom in the spring
250,000 poppies in bloom in the spring
A meadow of one million blooming cosmos flowers
A meadow of one million blooming cosmos flowers
Message from the Facility
Takeshi Mitsumori, General Manager
At Ikoma-Kogen Flower Station, you can refresh yourself among the seasonal flowers and enjoy some of our popular soft-serve ice cream in the café. Come visit us and experience the wonders of the seasons!

Takeshi Mitsumori, General Manager