National Parks of Japan Protecting our natural heritage for future generations

KirishimaKirishima-Kinkowan National Park


Park Etiquette

In order for everyone to have a pleasant experience, the visitors to the national parks are advised to respect nature and observe the following:

For the conservation of nature

  • Do not throw away any trash.
  • Do not pick wild flowers/damage plants.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • No hunting or fishing.
  • No smoking while walking.
  • Bonfires / recreational fires are only permitted in designated areas.

  • When mountain climbing, submit a mountain climbing plan.

  • Gather information in advance. This park contains active volcanoes, such as Mt. Sakurajima and Mt. Shinmoe. Be especially to gather information about volcanic activity before visiting the park. Depending on the status of volcanic activity, entrance to the park may be restricted.