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Tokashiki, ZamamiKeramashoto National Park


Kerama Three-island Circuit Course

Kerama Three-island Circuit Courseの写真
Time Required:
4 h
95.8 km
Island hop to Tokashiki-jima, Zamami-jima, and Aka-jima Islands!

Course Outline

After crossing over to Tokashiki-jima Island from Naha, this course takes you to Aka-jima Island and Zamami-jima Island without returning to Naha. Beaches across the islands, including Tokashiki-jima Island’s Tokashiku Beach and Aharen Beach, Zamami-jima Island’s Furuzamami Beach and Ama Beach, and Aka-jima Island’s Nishibama Beach, offer marine sports activities and each island has observatories with fantastic outlooks over the sea. You will need to arrange accommodations due to transportaion schedules, but the Mitsushima sea bus operates four trips a day between Zamami Village/Zamami Port and Aka Port, and two trips a day to Tokashiki Village and Aharen Port. From Zamami-jima Island, you can also head over to Tokashiki-jima Island by way of Aka-jima Island. For a detailed schedule, please consult the official website of Zamami Village.


Aharen Port
Aharen Port

Tokashiki-jima Island

On Tokashiki-jima Island, you can board a boat at the dock at Aharen Port. Tokashiki-jima Island has a number of observatories for looking out at the sea and is home to the beautiful Tokashiku Beach and Aharen Beach. Aharen Port is in the Aharen area and about 10 minutes by bus from Tokashiki Port where boats arrive from Naha. The bus makes four round-trips a day between the ports.
* The Kerama Line boat runs between Tokashiki-jima Island and Aka-jima Island twice a day. However, it does not operate on a set schedule, but rather on an on-demand basis, so please make reservations in advance. Please purchase your ticket on the boat.

Aka Port
Aka Port

Aka-jima Island

On Aka-jima Island, you can board a boat at the floating pier at Aka Port. Aka-jima Island is the second largest inhabited island of Zamami Village's isles and is linked to neighboring Geruma-jima Island by the Aka-ohashi Bridge. Geruma-jima Island is subsequently linked to the neighboring island of Fukaji-shima.
* There are four scheduled trips per day on the Inter-village Sea Line boat between Aka Port and Zamami Port. Please purchase your ticket at the ticket vendor at Aka Port.

Zamami Port
Zamami Port

Zamami-jima Island

On Zamami-jima Island, you can board a boat at the floating pier at Zamami Port. Zamami-jima Island is located roughly in the middle of the Kerama Islands. Furuzamami Beach and Ama Beach are among its beautiful beaches and the observatories on the island’s mountains and capes offer spectacular views.
* There are four scheduled trips a day on the Inter-village Sea Line boat between Zamami Port and Aka Port. Please purchase your ticket at the ticket vendor at Zamami Port.

Course Map

Kerama Three-island Circuit Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Tomari Port in Naha
70 min.
32 km
Tokashiki Port
15 min.
5 km
Aharen Port
20 min.
4.5 km
Aka Port
15 min.
5 km
Zamami Port
120 min.
49.3 km
Tomari Port in Naha
*Course time and distance are estimates.