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Historical Monument The Takara Residence (National Important Cultural Property)

The Takara Residence (National Important Cultural Property)
A piece of history left behind by an Okinawan forefather.

Also known as the "captain's house (Sendosuya)," the Takara Residence is believed to have been built at the end of the 19th century during the late Ryukyu Kingdom Period by a boatman named Pechin Nakandakari, who became wealthy through trade with China. The home was first constructed with a thatched roof, but was later converted into red-tile roofing during the booming skipjack tuna market of the Taisho Period (1912-1926). Compared to other similar homes in Okinawa, the Takara Residence is one of the oldest. The surrounding coral walls and hinpun (a protective wall that stands before the entrance) feature a unique method of coral stacking, and the house itself was designed as undivided structure with several rooms, including a kitchen inside.

Facility Outline

Open:9:00 – 17:00
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Address:62 Geruma, Zamami Village, Okinawa Prefecture
The hinpun wall
The hinpun wall
A wall constructed from coral
A wall constructed from coral
Message from the Facility
Takejiro Nakamura, Residence Manager
The 120-year old Takara Residence is managed by me, Takejiro Nakamura (88). When you come for a visit, I hope you will enjoy the handmade folk furniture and the soothing, Okinawan sanshin music. Across Geruma-jima Island, where the Takara Residence is located, you can also still find many unpaved alleys and pathways where you can take a relaxing stroll through the village and experience the good old days of Okinawa!

Takejiro Nakamura, Residence Manager