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Mt. Kintoki Course

Mt. Kintoki Courseの写真
Mountain Climbing
Time Required:
2 h 30 min
4.6 km
Featuring views of Mt. Fuji and sites related to the Kintaro legend, this is a popular mountain-hiking course that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced hikers.

Course Outline

The course begins from the Kintoki-jinja-iriguchi bus stop. At the start of the mountain climbing trail there are parking lots both for a fee and free of charge. Immediately after the first steps the Kintoki-jinja Shrine comes into view, marking the beginning of the mountain climbing trail.

Mt. Kintoki is the stage of the legend of Sakata Kintoki (Kintaro). After a look at Kintaro's huge battle ax at the Kintoki-jinja Shrine, some 30 more minutes of walking on the mountain trail take the visitor to the "Kintoki-yadori-ishi Rock", where according to the legend Kintaro lived with his mountain-hag mother. The trail turns steeper yet, leading up to the summit of Mt. Kintoki located 1,212 m above sea level, where visitors will want to take a break. There are two tea houses on the mountain summit.

From Mt. Kintoki an enjoyable panorama extends, with Mt. Fuji and Owakudani framing Sengokuhara. On the descent, passing Yagurasawa Pass, the route leads straight down to the Kintoki-tozanguchi bus stop.

*This course requires robust trekking shoes, rain gear, and mountain climbing utensils including drinking water.


Kintoki-yadori-ishi Rock
Kintoki-yadori-ishi Rock

A Huge Kintoki-yadori-ishi Rock

Kintoki-yadori-ishi Rock is a huge boulder split down the middle, which plays a main role in the Kintaro legend. As if to substantiate the legend that "Kintaro lived together with his mother" there is enough space under the rock to hold people. Additionally, there are also boulders known as Kintoki-temari-ishi Rock and Keotoshi-ishi Rock.

In the Distance, the Vapors of Owakudani
In the Distance, the Vapors of Owakudani

Owakudani and Sengokuhara as Viewed from the Summit

On the southern side of the summit, the view reaches from Sengokuhara as far as the mountains of Hakone and Lake Ashinoko. The spot where vapors are rising from the mountains is Owakudani. Some 3,000 years ago a massive landslide occurred on the incline of Mt. Kamiyama that blocked the flow of the Hayakawa River, giving rise to Lake Ashinoko. The view from here shows that the topography of present day Hakone was shaped by volcanic activity.

View of Mt. Fuji from the Summit
View of Mt. Fuji from the Summit

View Across the Base of Mt. Fuji

From the summit one has a wide view, on clear days reaching from Gotenba Town at the foot of the mountain to the summit of magnificent Mt. Fuji. After the exertion of the ascent, a very special break is waiting with a splendid view of Mt. Fuji. The climb is worth it just for taking the best shot of Mt. Fuji.

Course Map

Mt. Kintoki Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Kintoki-jinja-iriguchi bus stop
5 min.
0.3 km
Kintoki-jinja Shrine
20 min.
0.9 km
Kintoki-yadori-ishi Rock
55 min.
1.4 km
Summit of Mt. Kintoki
15 min.
0.5 km
Kintoki-jinja Shrine Junction
20 min.
0.6 km
Yagurasawa Pass
35 min.
0.9 km
Kintoki-tozanguchi bus stop
*Course time and distance are estimates.