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HakoneFuji-Hakone-Izu National Park


Lake Ashinoko West Bank Course

Lake Ashinoko West Bank Courseの写真
Time Required:
3 h 50 min.
11.5 km
This is a walking trail in the quiet forests on the shores of Lake Ashinoko, capturing the nature of Hakone.

Course Outline

The course passes through the floodgate at Kojiri and leads on to a long walking trail covering the length of Lake Ashinoko's western shore. Cars cannot pass and neither are there shops and restrooms along the way. Hikers will leave din and bustle behind and find themselves walking in the forest on the lake shore, with Mt. Komagatake and the Hakone-jinja Shrine in view across Lake Ashinoko. This course is recommended for visitors who love long distance trail walking.

The trail has few ups and downs, and once in a while draws close to the lake and passes through the brink of a precipice. On the way there are several locations with sandy beach, unusual for a lake, where particularly beautiful views open. Since the course was not developed for tourism, it features a great variety of plants, insects, and wild birds for observation. This route is for people who would like to walk the full length once when coming to Hakone.


Two Floodgates
Two Floodgates

Kojiri Floodgate

About 20 minutes' walk on the lake shore away from the Kojiri Floodgate there is the Fukara Floodgate. The Fukara Floodgate originally served as the floodgate for irrigation water ducts dug out to supply water to the former Fukara Village (Susono City) on the Shizuoka Prefecture side some 350 years ago, and is today primarily used for power generation. Water from Lake Ashinoko flowing to Suruga bay passes here.

A Trail for Spring Green and Autumn Leaves
A Trail for Spring Green and Autumn Leaves

Soothing Forest Trail

Flanked by many cherry and maple trees, this walking trail passes through a natural forest rich in broad-leaf trees. Beautiful when spring-green is budding, the autumn-leaves season is particularly lovely, making this location and the forest at the foot of Mt. Komagatake on the opposite side of the lake perfect spots for enjoying the red leaves of autumn.

Sandy Beaches of the Lake
Sandy Beaches of the Lake

Mt. Komagatake as Viewed from Sanadahama Beach

The western shore of Lake Ashinoko has two places with natural sandy beach that are perfect for taking a break. Around the mid-point of the course, there is Sanadahama Beach, and next to the southern shore gate there is Shirahama Beach, with walking access to the lake's water line. The beaches of Lake Ashinoko are excellent spots for photography.

Course Map

Lake Ashinoko West Bank Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Hakone Visitor Center
15 min.
1.3 km
Kojiri Floodgate
20 min.
1.5 km
Fukara Floodgate
75 min.
2.9 km
Sanada Beach
60 min.
3.2 km
Shirahama Beach
60 min.
2.6 km
Hakone-machi bus stop
*Course time and distance are estimates.