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HakoneFuji-Hakone-Izu National Park


Owakudani Course

Owakudani Courseの写真
hiking Ropeway
Time Required:
2 h 30 min.
7.2 km
This course takes visitors to Owakudani for a close-up look at vigorous volcanic activity. The course approaches from the Visitor Center at the foot of the mountain.

Course Outline

The course makes a short stop at the starting point at the Hakone Visitor Center for information on the course and seasonal nature information and from there continues as a hiking course until Owakudani. The hiking trail is wide enough to make the course easy to walk for families with children. As altitudes vary along the trail, visitors can enjoy the change in the forest vegetation from hinoki cypress to Japanese beech and tall stewartia. No less enjoyable is the sensation of the changing scent of the forest.

Then comes the main attraction, which is Owakudani. Here and there in the valley, white vapors can be seen and the unique hydrosulfic smell of volcanoes is in the air. This site is highly recommended for visitors who like a close-up look at volcanic activity. The site is home to the Hakone Geomuseum, as well as the ropeway station for rides in the Gora and Kojiri directions.


Kintaro-iwa Rock
Kintaro-iwa Rock

Kintaro-iwa Rock

This is a large section of a mountain body from the time when a major landslide is said to have occurred on the northern slope of Mt. Kamiyama about 3,000 years ago, tumbling this far. According to the legend, Kintaro hurled it from Mt. Kintoki, earning this mountain landslide the "Kintaro-iwa Rock" moniker. After a short ascent, Lake Ashinoko can be seen from the observatory.


Black Eggs at Owakudani

Due to the volcanic activity, gaseous vapors are rising up into the air, allowing visitors to observe in front of their eyes living Earth itself. A specialty of this location is "Black eggs," which are cooked in the hot springs of Owakudani. These are boiled eggs whose shell has turned black from the iron and sulfur of the hot spring. The Owakudani hot spring was built using these geothermal vapors, which are piped from here to Sengokuhara and Gora.

View of Mt. Fuji
View of Mt. Fuji

Hakone Ropeway and Mt. Fuji

Within Hakone, the best perspectives for viewing Mt. Fuji are from Owakudani, where volcanic activity can be felt at foot level, and from the ropeway suspended in midair. From the ropeway, the view during the ride from Owakudani Station to Ubako Station is especially recommended. The hiking trail used on the course ascent can also be seen from above.

Course Map

Owakudani Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Hakone Visitor Center
25 min.
1.0 km
Kintaro-iwa Rock
20 min.
0.7 km
Funami-iwa Rock
30 min.
0.8 km
Japanese Beech Grove
30 min
0.9 km
Owakudani Fumarolic Area
20 min.
0.6 km
Owakudani Station (Hakone Ropeway)
15 min.
2.6 km
Togendai Station
10 min.
0.6 km
Hakone Visitor Center
*Course time and distance are estimates.