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HakoneFuji-Hakone-Izu National Park


Hakone Visitor Center Walking Course

Hakone Visitor Center Walking Courseの写真
hiking Hot springs
Time Required:
50 min.
2 km
A walk in the forest surrounded by wild birds and flowers. Enjoy hot springs at hotels in the vicinity.

Course Outline

The Hakone Visitor Center facility located at Hakone Kojiri introduces visitors to the nature of the Hakone area in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The Visitor Center marks the starting point of a nature trail with introductory seasonal information on nature observation in the Hakone area.

Away from the noise of sightseeing spots, visitors can enjoy to the full woods and forests, for example, the Yatyo-no-mori (Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest) with bird watching shacks, Kodomo-no-Hiroba (the Children's Plaza for playing with the kids), and Hana-no-Hiroba (the Flower Plaza) with a magnificent view as an ideal place for a picnic. Throughout the four seasons, visitors can enjoy bird watching and strolling as far as the lake shore.

Nearby are hot springs of different mineral content; for example, the cloudy "Nigori-yu" and the clear "Sodium Hot Spring," beckoning visitors to pick their favorite hot spring in Hakone for some leisurely soaking after walking in the forest.


Hakone Visitor Center
Hakone Visitor Center

Inside the Visitor Center

Visitors can enjoy free of charge an introduction to the nature around Hakone, complete with displays and a high-vision theater. Information on walking courses and on seasonal nature is available. The Visitor Center's lounge, with its unique large windows offering views on Lake Ashinoko and the Hakone soma (volcanic caldera), is a perfect spot for catching one's breath.

Yatyo-no-Mori (Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest)
Yatyo-no-Mori (Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest)


Hakone is a treasure trove of wild bird life thanks to its varied nature, with rich forests, grasslands, and lakes. Here visitors can watch woodpeckers and other forest birds, listen to the melodious Japanese bush warbler, and also observe rare birds during migration. Bird watching is best in winter when the trees are without leaves, and in early spring during the breeding season.

Hot Springs of Hakone
Hot Springs of Hakone

Rotenburo (outdoor open bath) with Scenic View

Hakone has hot springs of various kinds and mineral contents. For example, there are the milky sulfurous hot spring from Owakudani and the clear sodium hot spring in Kojiri. Hotels nearby offer also one-day tickets for their bathing facilities, allowing visitor to enjoy a view of Mt. Fuji while soaking in a rotenburo (outdoor open bath). Details are available at the hotels.

Course Map

Hakone Visitor Center Walking Course

Course Time

Starting Point
Hakone Visitor Center
2 min.
0.1 km
Kodomo-no-Hiroba (Scenic Point)
12 min.
0.5 km
Yatyo-no-Mori (Watching Place)
10 min.
0.4 km
5 min.
0.2 km
Ashinoko Camp Mura Lake-Side Villa
10 min.
0.4 km
Kohan Fureai Enchi
8 min.
0.3 km
3 min.
0.1 km
Hakone Visitor Center
*Course time and distance are estimates.