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Museum/Aquarium,etc. Hakone GeoMuseum

Hakone GeoMuseum
A museum where you can experience the wonder and charm of Hakone’s volcanoes.

The Hakone GeoMuseum opened in 2014 as a facility for showcasing at great length the mysteries of volcanoes and the fascinating nature of Hakone. The museum is equipped with a 9-meters wide large-size "Geo Vision" screen, a display of minerals and other real exhibits, and column displays of data about the history of the Hakone Volcano's formation, the Hakone hot springs, and matters such as erosion control.

*As of December 2015 the Hakone GeoMuseum is temporarily closed due to the restrictions on access to Owakudani. Museum activities currently take place at the Hakone Visitor Center's "Hakone Volcano Exhibition" and the "Panel Display" at the Hakone Town Tatemori Liaison Building. Please be sure to drop by when coming to Hakone.

Facility Outline

Open:9:00 - 16:30 * Admission until 16:00
Closed:Open daily throughout the year
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Foreign Languages Accommodated:English
Address:Sengokuhara 1251, Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture
Tel:0460-85-7410 (Hakone Town Tourism Department)
Exterior View
Exterior View
“Hakone Volcano Exhibition” Indoor Displays (Hakone Visitor Center)
“Hakone Volcano Exhibition” Indoor Displays (Hakone Visitor Center)
Message from the Facility
CuratorTamami Yamaguchi
Hakone, with its wonderful nature including Lake Ashinoko and the surrounding mountain ranges created by volcanic activity over tens of thousands of years, is a location where ancient dynamic volcanic activity takes tangible shape, and where the breath of Earth can be felt still today, for example, as embodied by the vapors rising at Owakudani. It is also a place for enjoying the immersion into the nature of Hakone, soaking in one of the many different kinds of hot springs, observing the vapors rising, and doing some star gazing when the weather is fine. Hakone offers many things to enjoy. Please come and visit us in Hakone.

Tamami Yamaguchi