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HakoneFuji-Hakone-Izu National Park


Access/Transportation Ashinoko Skyline

Ashinoko Skyline
Travel the winding roads in the sky while enjoying the drive and landscapes.

A winding road cutting across the west side of the Hakone soma (volcanic caldera). This road is a must-see spot over its full length of 10.7 km. Visitors will come away with an immediate impression of nature and its transformation with the changing seasons.

On the way during this course beckoning is Mikuni Pass with a view of Mt. Fuji across the full width of its base, as well as views of Mishima, Nunamzu City, Suruga Bay, and Izu Peninsula in the distance, with other points on the way being the Shakusi Pass scenic point, and the "Lake View" rest house where visitors can have a meal and take a rest. On special days during consecutive public holidays there is also a helicopter sightseeing service.

Facility Outline

Open:7:00 - 19:00
Closed:Open all year (except during road closure in winter for snowplowing)
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Address:Hakone 638, Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture
Mikuni Pass scenic point
Mikuni Pass scenic point
Shakusi Pass  scenic point
Shakusi Pass scenic point
Message from the Facility
DirectorYoshinori Aoki
Along with the maintenance of the nature of Hakone's, kept in a state unchanged since ancient times, the Lake Ashinoko Skyline is under constant road management in order to ensure the sustained safety of visitors. We recommend this road for a drive with exquisite scenic views of Lake Ashinoko in the east and Mt. Fuji in the west.

Yoshinori Aoki