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Boat Hakone Sightseeing Cruise Co.,Ltd (Hakone Pirate Ships)

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise Co.,Ltd (Hakone Pirate Ships)
Sail Lake Ashinoko while stepping into the imaginary role of a pirate ship crew member

The Hakone Pirate Ships are currently operating with three vessels named Bertha, Victory, and Royal 2, between Hakone-machi Port, Moto-Hakone Port, and Togendai Port. Crossing Lake Ashinoko, Mt. Fuji presents itself beautiful as ever, along with a variety of scenic views of different kinds of beauty depending on the season, making this an enjoyable experience at any time visitors may choose.

Moreover, Victory and Royal 2 have special cabins with seats at the stern of the ship where passengers can watch the scenery of the mountains of Hakone and the lake shore, as well as the other pirate ships going back and forth, for an enjoyable sightseeing experience. The company operates shops, restaurants, and cafes in every port, and also a hotel in the Togendai area.

Facility Outline

Open:9:30 - 17:00 (hours vary depending on the season and port)
Closed:Open daily throughout the year
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Foreign Languages Accommodated:English and Chinese
Address:Hakone 161, Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture
Tel:0460-83-7722 (Information on ship operations)
0460-83-6325(Group reservations, information, and PR)
Royal 2
Royal 2
Message from the Facility
Captain of the Royal 2Hideyuki Kanisawagawa
A short boat ride of 30 minutes one-way offers wonderful scenic views from the deck side when the weather is fine. As can be expected, Mt. Fuji is the top recommendation. Immediately after departing from Moto-Hakone port and heading toward Mt. Fuji, a red Shinto shrine archway comes into view, a fascinating scene that one never tires to watch. On the lake, travelers can experience a 360-degree panorama of picture postcard-like views that change depending on the season.

Captain of the Royal 2
Hideyuki Kanisawagawa