National Parks of Japan Protecting our natural heritage for future generations

HakoneFuji-Hakone-Izu National Park


Park Etiquette

In order for everyone to have a pleasant experience, the visitors to the national parks are advised to respect nature and observe the following:

For the conservation of nature

  • Do not throw away any trash.Do not throw away any trash.
  • Do not feed or approach wild animals.Do not feed or approach wild animals.
  • No smoking while walking.No smoking while walking.
  • Collection of Lava Rock is Prohibited.Collection of Lava Rock is Prohibited.
  • Do not pick wildflowers and plants.Do not pick wildflowers and plants.
  • Do not catch animals.Do not catch animals.
  • Bonfires / recreational fires are only permitted in designated areas.Bonfires / recreational fires are only permitted in designated areas.

To Ensure Safe and Enjoyable Mountain Climbing and Hiking

  • When mountain climbing and hiking, please be sure to use detailed maps and guidebooks for checking your course information, and set reasonable goals when planning.
  • Please plan with consideration regarding your physical condition and mountain climbing experience and without stretching your limits.
  • The weather and temperature in the mountains can change quickly. Please protect yourself against sudden cold weather and rain.
  • To prevent experiencing distress, please take a radio with you and listen to the weather information.
  • During thunderstorms, avoid elevations and trees, and either seek shelter in a building, or outdoors shelter in a safe place such as a pit or depression in the ground.
  • To avoid being attacked, do not approach any wild animals in the mountains.
  • The mountain climber cards deposited at the starting point of the main mountain climbing trails contain important information for search activities in case of an accident, etc. Please be sure to enter your course and schedule.
In addition, there are areas of the park that have established rules and manners specific to those areas. Please follow these guidelines and comply with the rules and manners to ensure your visit to the park is enjoyable.
●Guidelines for Using Footpaths in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park Hakone Area
(Hakone Area Hodo Riyo-no-Arikata Uchiawase-Kai) [PDF 107KB]