National Parks of Japan Protecting our natural heritage for future generations

Akan, Mashu, KussharoAkan-Mashu National Park

Experience the grandeur and wonder of Akan-Mashu’s volcanoes, forests, and lakes.
Akan-Mashu National Park offers a full lineup of itineraries that will let you enjoy its scenic sights throughout the entire year: See the impressive beauty of Mt. Me-akan and Mt. O-akan’s freestanding mountain peaks, take in the stunning blue waters of Lake Akan and Lake Onneto which are surrounded by vast primeval forests, go to Lake Mashu—one of the clearest lakes in the entire world, or get a panoramic view of Lake Kussharo from the mountains and ridge that surround it. Get the most out of your experience with the many activities available at the park such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, canoeing, leisurely drives, and hot springs. Please remember that, because Akan-Mashu National Park is also a protected wildlife preserve, there are brown bears that live in the park. Be sure to make all the necessary preparations and safety considerations when planning your visit.
* In case of adverse weather or if you are not feeling well, make a safe hiking and cycling plan that includes some flexibility and avoid pushing yourself.

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