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Rest House Dining Sunayu Rest House

Sunayu Rest House
A unique spot where you can dig up your very own hot spring in the sand!

This rest house is located at a curious place called Sunayu (literally, "sand bath"), and just as the name implies, if you dig a hole in the lake shore with your hands, natural hot spring water will bubble up right from the sand. The Sunayu Rest House has a souvenir shop and restaurant, and offers boat rentals. There is also a campground in the surrounding area where, during the summer, you can spend the entire day having fun around Sunayu. In the winter, photographers from all over the world come to take photos of the whooper swans that stop by the lake on their migration.

Facility Outline

Open:8:00 – 17:00 (open until 18:00 in July and August)
Closed:Open daily throughout the year
Usage Fee:Free of Charge
Foreign Languages Accommodated:Available (English menu)
Address:Sunayu, Kussharokohan, Teshikaga Town, Kawakami County, Hokkaido
Dig a hole in the sandy beach and you will have your own hot spring
Dig a hole in the sandy beach and you will have your own hot spring
Swans on the lake shore
Swans on the lake shore
Message from the Facility
Koshiro Fujii, President at Mandai Kanko
Our shop is located at Sunayu on the shores of Lake Kussharo. Along with the shop, we also have a restaurant and provide boat rental services so visitors can have a great time at Sunayu. Much of the nature at Lake Kussharo has been left intact and unlike other areas rich in nature, here the local citizens take part in the nature preservation activities. Even as time passes, the citizens do not alter the natural environment, maintaining nature in its pristine state. Whether you are coming for sightseeing or simply leisure, we hope you stop by for a visit!

Koshiro Fujii, President at Mandai Kanko