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Akan, Mashu, KussharoAkan-Mashu National Park


Rest House Dining Lake Mashu Rest House (Lake Mashu Observatory 1)

Lake Mashu Rest House (Lake Mashu Observatory 1)
Get an unrivaled view at the Lake Mashu Observatory’s popular rest house.

The rest house is located at the Lake Mashu Observatory 1, the most popular of all three of the lake's scenic points. Try the local delicacy, handmade imodango (potato dumplings); or the "Mashu Blue" soft-serve ice cream, known for its mysterious, peculiar flavor. This is also a great place to find a variety of snacks, as well as fun, original souvenirs such as a various items featuring cute characters and the "Can of Fog" that, if heated, clears away the fog from a photo of Lake Mashu. Please pay a visit if you are in the area!

Facility Outline

Open:8:00 – 17:00 (mid-October to late April)
8:00 – 18:00 (late April to mid-October)
Closed:Open daily throughout the year
Usage Fee:Free of Charge
Foreign Languages Accommodated:None
Dining:Available (summer only)
Address:Teshikagagenya, Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido
The view from Lake Mashu Observatory 1
The view from Lake Mashu Observatory 1
Recommended: “Mashu Blue” soft-serve ice cream
Recommended: “Mashu Blue” soft-serve ice cream
Message from the Facility
Ken’ichi Kato, Sales Manager/Representative
Lake Mashu is famous for its notorious fog, which often hangs over the water for the entire day (a rare phenomenon for a lake), hence its nickname "Foggy Lake Mashu". Depending on the time of day—morning, noon, or evening—and the season of the year, the lake can take on many different appearances. Also, if you look beyond the Lake Mashu, you will see the Shiretoko Mountain Range, Lake Kussharo’s enormous caldera, Mt. O-akan, and a panoramic view of the magnificent nature all around you. Please enjoy!

Ken’ichi Kato, Sales Manager/Representative