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Hot Spring Accommodation Mountain Inn Nonaka Onsen

Mountain Inn Nonaka Onsen
Nonaka Onsen: A local inn surrounded by stillness and primeval Yezo spruce forests.

Nonaka Onsen is a rustic, countryside inn located at the foot of Mt. Me-akan. Located nearby is Mt. Me-akan, one of the One Hundred Mountains of Japan; the Natural Monument, Yunotaki Falls; and Lake Onneto, one of Hokkaido's three "great secret lakes," so year-round you can enjoy mountain climbing and hiking in the area's pristine wilderness.

The inn has been in business going on one hundred years, with its original hot spring remaining intact and in use today. Behind the inn is a pure forest of Picea glehnii, which you can enjoy directly from the outdoor bath. Soak in the indoor bath constructed from the wood of local Sakhalin fir and an outdoor bath in the midst of nature made by the innkeeper himself, relaxing in the stillness of the forest, listening to nothing but the trickling of the water.

Facility Outline

Closed:Closes irregularly (check in advance)
Usage Fee:Requires a Fee
Day Tickets for Bathing Facilities:Available (9:00 – 20:00)
Water Types:Sulfur-containing chloride spring (hydrogen sulfide type)
Foreign Languages Accommodated:Available
Address:159 Moashoro, Ashoro Town, Ashoro County, Hokkaido
The Sakhalin fir bathtub, built without the use of any nails
The Sakhalin fir bathtub, built without the use of any nails
Relaxing rooms with a wall-less, double space
Relaxing rooms with a wall-less, double space
Message from the Facility
Being a five-minute walk from the Mt. Me-akan trailhead, a 10-minute drive/20-minute walk from Yunotaki Falls (Natural Monument), and five-minute drive from Lake Onneto (one of Hokkaido's three secret lakes), Nonaka Onsen is the perfect place to see the wonders of Mt. Me-akan. We also have rooms that are pet-friendly. In fact, our own canine and feline mascots will be waiting to greet you when you arrive!