National Parks of Japan

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Japan is an island country rich in diverse environments, from snow-clad mountains to coral reefs, and is blessed with a beautiful landscape that changes from season to season. Japan's national parks are also rare in that nature and people coexist within the boundaries of the parks, bonding to form cultures new.

In the fall, tree leaves fall carpeting the earth in a rustic tapestry of color, going on to form sediment which nurtures new lives. Buds sprout from branches as new life is breathed into the tree, the tree becomes a forest, and the forest draws up moisture through the soil and gives birth to a single drop of water. The water passes through valleys, becomes tiny streams, then mighty rivers carrying nutrients from the land to enrich the waiting sea beyond.

When you visit a national park you are entering into a dialogue with its nature, scenery, culture, and food, as well as the people who make the landscape their home.

It is the best place to truly experience that the Japanese people have coexisted in harmony with nature for millennia, and that relationship has in turn shaped Japanese culture. You can experience first-hand the raw nature that is the very essence of Japanese culture.

Your time amongst nature, your experiences, and your interactions with the local people will remain in your heart forever.

The National Parks of Japan are place where you can get a sense of how to live a life side by side with nature.

Stories to Experience
  • Nikko National Park
  • Amamigunto National Park
  • Towada-Hachimantai National Park
  • Akan-Mashu National Park

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  • Blanketed in a varied tapestry of lush flora, the majestic Rishiri-Rebun Sarobetsu National Park sits like a crown upon Japan as its northernmost nature reserve. A place where the untouched northern wilderness entwines with dazzling flower gardens and crisp crystal seas.

  • Feel the presence of the Kamuy, the gods of the Indigenous Ainu people, in a primeval wilderness that includes three caldera lakes

  • Japan’s largest mountainous national park, called Kamuy Mintara—the playground of the gods—by the Indigenous Ainu people

  • A wealth of volcanic activity, from boisterous active volcanoes to calm, azure volcanic lakes

  • Find solace in volcanoes, mystical lakes, and mountain streams; the rich nature of ancient Japan remains intact deep in northern Tohoku

  • Natureʼs bounty and wrath: A symbol of reconstruction and coexistence between people and nature

  • An incredible landscape of pristine mountains and volcanoes, and the people and creatures nurtured in its beauty

  • An expansive garden that embodies Japan’s history and nature

  • A Water Paradise Bearing Wonder upon Wonder The birthplace of nature conservation efforts in Japan

  • A natural landscape sculpted from north to south by volcanic forces and nature’s hand, and cultivated from east to west by the ever-changing culture of humankind.

  • A world of outdoor pursuits awaits in a mountainous highland playground

  • A landscape bound to spiritual tradition and the way of life of its inhabitants, molded by the life force of the earth.

  • Scale the Japanese alps and discover breathtaking mountains and tranquil valleys that the Japanese rock ptarmigan calls home

  • Mt. Hakusan: A Sacred Mountain abundant with snow and alpine plants

  • A sacred landscape featuring the historical site of Ise Jingu, as well as a picturesque coastal route and bountiful seascape

  • Discover the diverse nature and rich spiritual history of the Kii Peninsula, from soaring mountains and deep valleys to the beautiful southern seascapes warmed by the Kuroshio Current

  • A wonderland of coastal topography revealing remnants of the formation of the Sea of Japan and a UNESCO Global Geopark

  • An inland archipelago and year-round shimmering seascape where people and nature live as one

  • Mountains, islands, and the sea, where myths and mountain worship have long been kept alive in people’s daily life

  • Explore a beautiful coastline honed by the shining sea and vibrant forests bursting with life.

  • Revive your zest for life in this refreshing retreat above the clouds

  • Scent of the grasslands, breath of the volcanoes. A land of inspiration, where people inherit and pass on the blessings of wind and water.

  • Kirishima shrouded in cloud, the shimmering Kinkowan Bay, and the ever-smoldering Sakurajima Volcano

  • A mountainous island of ancient trees and a volcanic island brimming with life nurtured by the heat of the earth and the crash of the waves

  • A tropical paradise bursting with vitality. Experience true island living amongst the deep forests, clear oceans and glorious natural scenery of Amamigunto.

  • The subtropical forests of Yambaru nurture a diverse array of life, where humans live at one with nature

  • Kerama’s Beautiful Sea An invitation to paradise: Kerama Blue sea and idyllic islands beckon

  • Aso-Kuju National Park
  • Daisen-Oki National Park
  • Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park
  • Joshin'etsukogen National Park