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Minister of the Environment Wakabayashi Assumes Office

October 17, 2006

photo:Masatoshi WAKABAYASHI
Minister Wakabayashi

On September 26, 2006, House of Councillors member WAKABAYASHI Masatoshi assumed the office of Minister of the Environment (Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems). House of Representatives member TSUCHIYA Shinako assumed the office of Senior Vice-Minister of the Environment, and House of Representatives member KITAGAWA Tomokatsu assumed the office of Parliamentary Secretary of the Environment in the same Cabinet formation.

The Minister of the Environment's Inaugural Address

Environmental problems have become an issue that all humankind now face. It is therefore crucial that we become proactively involved in the issue based on the idea that we should simultaneously pursue both environmental conservation and economic growth,

Specifically, in addition to the steady implementation of the Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan, I am committed to utilize biomass comprehensively fully making use of its capacity. In addition, in order to realize a sound material-cycle society, I will promote the 3Rs including the elimination of large scale illegal dumping. Also, I will cooperate with international society to realize coexistence with nature such as conservation of biodiversity.

I will devote myself with my utmost effort to meet the growing expectations and strong interest of citizens in the environmental administration and to enable Japan to take a lead in the international environmental policies.


Minister of the Environment
Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems

Date of Birth
July 4, 1934
Tokyo University, Faculty of Law
Political Party
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Apr. 1957
Jointed Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF)
Jan. 1978
Director, Agricultural Policy Planning Division, Agricultural Structure
Improvement Bureau, MoAF
Jan. 1981
Director, General Affairs Division, Agricultural Structure
Improvement Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
July 1981
Director, General Affairs Division, Director-General's Secretariat,
National Land Agency
Jan. 1983
Resigned from MAFF
Dec. 1983
Elected to the House of Representatives (HR)
July 1986
Elected to the HR
June 1989
Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Management and Coordination Agency
(-Feb. 1990)
July 1993
Elected to the HR
July 1994
Director, Committee on Transport, LDP
July 1998
Elected to the House of Councillors (HC)
Aug. 1999
Chairperson, Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (HC)
Dec. 1999
Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Ministry of Finance (-Jan. 2001)
Jan. 2001
Senior Vice-Minister of Finance (-Sept. 2001)
Sept. 2001
Director, Committee on Financial Affairs, HC
Oct. 2002
Director, Research Commission on the Constitution, HC
Director, Special Committee on Financial Issues and Revitalization of the Economy, HC
May 2003
Director, Special Committee on Protection of Personal Information, HC
Sept. 2003
Chairperson, Special Committee on Prevention of International Terrorism and Japan's Cooperation and Support, HC
July 2004
Elected to the HC
Chairperson, Committee on Discipline, HC
Oct. 2004
Director, Committee on Budget, HC
Chairperson, Special Committee on Mountain Villages, LDP
Nov. 2005
Chairperson, LDP Policy Board in the House of Councillors
Acting Chairperson, Research Commission on the Constitution, LDP
Acting Chairperson, Research Commission on the Election System, LDP
Sept. 2006
Minister of the Environment, Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems

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