Climate Change Adaptation: Approaches for National and Local Governments




Audience and objectives of this study

This Study is mainly for national and local government departments responsible for adaptation. It summarizes basic approaches common across multiple sectors, with the following three objectives:

  1. to indicate various approaches to adaptation, based on the latest scientific knowledge and level of uncertainty;
  2. to indicate the basic factors of adaptation measures common to all sectors, relating to the consideration, planning, and implementation of adaptation measures; and
  3. to raise awareness about adaptation and its necessity.

Approaches to adaptation based on latest scientific knowledge

Basic Factors of Adaptation Measures Common to All Sectors

At the initial stage of adaptation initiatives, the following points deserve special attention.

Steps for Specific Initiatives

This Study presents two "tracks" of steps for the planning and implementation of adaptation measures.

First are the standard steps that should be conducted in any case. These are steps that can be implemented if a certain amount of information has already been accumulated on climate change and its local impacts ("A-track" steps for planning and implementation of adaptation measures). Many local governments, however, are not in a situation where they can apply those steps without modifying them. Therefore, we provide a second set of steps to begin with in situations where adaptation measures are being taken for the first time. These are more basic steps that have been simplified from the "A-track" steps, to facilitate initial efforts for adaptation measures utilizing currently available information ("B-track" of the first five steps). It is envisioned that local governments intending to launch adaptation initiatives will first implement the initial B-track steps and then shift to the A-track steps. It is also expected that the climate prediction information at the local level required for these actions will become available with advances in research. This Study describes A-track steps in detail, but only gives cursory attention to the "B-track" steps by listing them in the flow indicated below.

Committee on Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation

The Committee on Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation — established in 2010 under an initiative of the Ministry of the Environment Japan, and chaired by Professor Nobuo Mimura of Ibaraki University — has released a study report titled "Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation," which indicates various approaches to adaptation for national and local government departments, based on current domestic and international activities. This committee is comprised of scientists in the area of climate change, experts from major sectors, and responsible persons from national and local government departments in Japan. The report is especially for national and local government departments responsible for adaptation to climate change.


(Chairperson) Nobuo MimuraCenter for Water Environment Studies, Ibaraki UniversityProfessor and Special Assistant to the President
Hiroshi AndoGlobal Warming Countermeasures Section, Department of Environment, Saitama PrefectureManager
Seita EmoriNational Institute for Environmental StudiesChief of Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER)(Climate Risk Assessment Research Section)
Takahiro OchiaiForestry and Forest Products Research InstituteDirector of Conservation of Water and Soil Division
Kuga HitoshiNagano Environmental Conservation Research InstituteGroup Leader of Global Warming Countermeasures and Senior Researcher of Recycling Society Division
Mitsuru TanakaHosei School of Policy SciencesProfessor
Kaoru NakataNational Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Fisheries Research AgencyGeneral Manager of Marine Productivity Department
Toshihiro HasegawaNational Institute for Agro-Environmental SciencesSenior Researcher of Agro-Meteorology Division
Yasuaki HijiokaNational Institute for Environmental StudiesSenior Researcher of Social and Environmental Systems Division (Integrated Assessment Section)
Koh-ichi FujitaRiver Department, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure ManagementResearch Coordinator for Watershed Management
Takao MasumotoResearch Team for Global Warming and Environment & Head, Lab. of Hydrology and Water Resources, National Institute for Rural Engineering, National Agriculture and Food Research OrganizationTeam Leader

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