Standard Guidelines
for the Environmental Monitoring of Chemicals
(whole documents: guidelines.pdf 2,115kB)


I Monitoring Chemical Substances (04Chapter1.pdf 357kB) 1
I.1 Introduction 1
I.2 Monitoring - Concepts and Design 4
I.3 Target Chemicals 5
I.4 Basic information and activities involved in environmental monitoring 20
II Sampling (04Chapter2.pdf 159kB) 23
II.1 Water quality 23
II.2 Sediment 26
II.3 Soil 29
II.4 Air 32
II.5 Living things 35
II.6 Wastes 37
II.7 Sampling flow chart 39
III Analytical Methods (04Chapter3.pdf 577kB) 41
III.1 Outline of chemical analysis in the environment 41
III.2 Practical analytical methods 66
IV Evaluation of research results (04Chapter4.pdf 742kB) 131
IV.1 Generalisation of research results 131
IV.2 Behaviour analysis 140
IV.3 Risk assessment method 183
IV.4 Ecological risk assessment 223

Information sources and searches useful for the evaluation
of research results

V Quality control : guidelines for achieving quality in trace analysis (04Chapter5.pdf 220kB) 249
V.1 Introduction 249
V.2 Apparatus and instruments 249
V.3 Methods 255
V.4 Analysis 259
V.5 Monitoring and inspection 265
V.6 Appendix 265
VI Environmental monitoring - the Japanese case (04Chapter6.pdf 84kB) 279
VI.1 Co-operation with local public bodies 279
VI.2 Facilities and instrumentation (Government and local public bodies) 280
VI.3 Practical guidance and training systems 281