Overseas Environmental Measures of Japanese Companies (Philippines)

Research Report on Trends in Environmental Considerations related to Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies FY 1996

March, 1997 Global Environmental Forum

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Structure and Use of This Book

Preface / How to Use this Book / Contents (PDF, file size=14KB)

Chapter 1 Environmental Problems and Their Legislative Control in the Philippines Today (112KB)

1. Outline of the Philippines
2. Government Environmental Policies and Organization
3. Overview of Environmental Legislation
4. Countermeasures against Water Pollution
5. Countermeasures against Air Pollution
6. Countermeasures against Solid Waste
7. Future Trends of Environmental Measures

Chapter 2 Case Study Relating to Effluent Treatment(142KB)

Chapter 3 Case Study of Decreasing Burdens on the Environment by Improving Manufacturing Processes (67KB)

Chater 4 Other Cases (23KB)
Chapter 5 Case Study of the Construction of Environmental Management Systems
(46KB) Chapter 6 Forum on Environmental Measures Implemented by Japanese Companies in the Philippines (26KB)

1. Environmental Issues Facing Japanese Companies in the Philippines
2. Clarification of Applicability of Environmental Regulations
3. Problems of Industrial Waste Disposal
4. Employee Education
5. Need for Environmental Efforts to Involve Outside Suppliers
6. Company Suggestions regarding Environmental Administration in the Philippines
7. Company Suggestions for the Japanese Government
8. Promotion of Environmental Measures by Japanese Companies

References and list of organizations and institutions that have assisted in creating this book(14KB)

Structure and Use of This Book

The structure of this book is as follows. Each chapter is independent, and so readers can start from any chapter according to the needs of individual companies.

Chapter 1 outlines the latest information on environmental problems and their legislative control in the Philippines today.

Chapter 2 introduces specific cases relating to waste water treatment in consideration of environmental control. Information was collected by carrying out on-site inquiries at Japanese companies in the Philippines.

Chapter 3 introduces the case of a company that reduced the burden on the environment by improving its manufacturing process, using a so-called clean technology that has attracted much attention. This technology differs significantly from so-called "end-of-pipe" measures to prevent pollution.

Chapter 4 introduces other cases of companies that are concerned about the environment that have contributed to society through their products.

Chapter 5 introduces cases of environmental management systems built in accordance with ISO 14001: Environmental Management System Standard, issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in September 1996.

Chapter 6 describes special circumstances and difficulties experienced by Japanese companies that have tackled environmental problems in the Philippines. The problems, etc. are discussed by those people who are actually addressing the problems. This chapter should help companies to tackle environmental problems, which may be difficult to do based only on examples.

The following have been added in the Appendix:
・ Sources of environmental information in the Philippines and Japan
・ Environment-related legislation in the Philippines
・ Current status of environmental policies of Japanese companies in Asia, including the Philippines
・ Background explanation of global environmental issues that should be understood when dealing with environmental problems
・ Outline of an Environmental Management System