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Activities by Japanese local government
- Activities by Local Government

Low carbon and resilient development activities by Japanese local government

Low-carbon and Resilient cities

The list shows Japanese local governments which proactively implements policies aiming to develop low-carbon and resilient cities.

Clicking the each city name leads to detailed information.

The icons show the fields of environmental policy.
Renewable Energy
Energy Saving
Waste Management
Name of local government Prefecture Fields
Renewable Energy Energy Saving Air Water Waste Management Transport Green
Aichi Prefecture Aichi Prefecture
Amagasaki City Hyogo Prefecture
Chiyoda City Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Fukushima City Fukushima Prefecture
Higashi Matsushima City Saitama Prefecture
Hiroshima City Hiroshima Prefecture
Iida City Nagano Prefecture
Ikoma City Nara Prefecture
Itabashi City Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Iwanuma City Miyagi Prefecture
Kamaishi City< Iwate Prefecture
Kashiwa City Chiba Prefecture
Kawasaki City Kanagawa Prefecture
Kitakyushu City Fukuoka Prefecture
Kumamoto City Kumamoto Prefecture
Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Prefecture
Mitake Town Gifu Prefecture
Musashino City Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Niigata City Niigata Prefecture
Niseko Town Hokkaido Prefecture
Osaka City Osaka Prefecture
Saitama City Saitama Prefecture
Sakai City Osaka Prefecture
Sapporo City Hokkaido Prefecture
Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture
Shimokawa Town Hokkaido Prefecture
Shinchi Town Fukushima Prefecture
Sumida City Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Toyama City Toyama Prefecture
Toyota City Aichi Prefecture
Tsukuba City Ibaraki Prefecture
Yokohama City Kanagawa Prefecture