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Cooperation by Various Parties

Cooperation through JICA

Development Studies

Development studies support the formulation of plans for public projects that contribute to social and economic advancement in the recipient country, at the request of developing countries, by producing, for example, urban environment improvement master plans, and feasibility studies on freshwater quality improvement plans.At the same time, they also serve as a means of technology transfer, such as analytical skills and methods of planning and survey, to counterparts in the recipient country.

Reports prepared as outputs of the study provide recipient governments with data for assessing social and economic development policies.They also offer international organizations and donor countries materials for considering financial aid and technical cooperation.

The study is implemented under the initiative of JICA, and the Ministry of the Environment is involved in the studies in the environmental field.

Study on the Safe Closure and Rehabilitation of Landfill Sites in Malaysia

Pilot Project in Ampang Jajar Landfill Site

Before Improvement
<Before Improvement>
arrow After Improvement
<After Improvement>

Study on the Master Plan for Air Pollution Control in Guiyang Municipality

e.g.Measure Relevant to the Study; Measure for Dust Collection in the Guiyang Steel Factory by Environment Model City Project (Loan Assistance)

Before Measure
<Before Measure>
arrow After Measure
<After Measure>